What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little Miss as Mary

Every time Corynn says something clever, I think to myself "I NEED to write that down." But somewhere between that thought and the actual DOING of it, the little bit gets forgotten. It's a shame, really. There were a few good ones.

Just like those little bits of clever that pop out now and again, I often think about how I don't want to forget the Corynn I have TODAY? What are the things that I admire about her? What are the things she is learning to do? One day, and not so far from now, all these things will have passed.

So, here are a few that I have been thinking of presently.

You are a giver. When we go to town, you raid your pennybank for a quarter so you can get a gumball-but you always gets two, so you can give one to your brother. The other day, you found a dollar bill in there and brought it along with two quarters. We went to the dollarstore so you could spend it, and 45 minutes later, you chose a bag of cotton candy. (I wonder where you get your sweet tooth from?!? hehehe) You shared some with each of us in the car and then, halfway through the bag you said "I am going to save the rest of this for us to have for dessert tonight!"

At first I was curious if I should let you take money out of your bank. After all, a person has to learn 'saving' sometime. Then I wondered if I ought to let you get CANDY with it. What is more wasteful than spending your money on something that would be consumed? All those questions came to a screeching halt when it played out the way it did. I think it was a great GREAT thing for you to share your goods...well worth a dollar spent on CANDY. You taught ME a good lesson through it, one that I needed to learn. That you are growing up...and growing up well.

You are a helper. You set the table and clear the table for me, which is a big task for such a small girl-but one you does VERY well~ and happily. The other day I wasn't feeling well, so you surprised me and made SANDWICHES for you and Andrew. Without my knowledge, without my request. You excitedly told me "It was a surprise, since you're sick. I even climbed like a little monkey to fetch the plates from the high cupboard!!!" Sure enough-the table was all set, with plates and cups and everything else. You were SO proud of yourself-and I was so surprised and pleased. You ask nearly every single day to make lunch now, and I let you. You have even made Papa lunch a few times!

You love your dress up box and have even found your way into MY closet a few times.

You ask to be excused from the table, chew with your mouth closed, and pray the most wonderful prayers at lunchtime. I love to hear your prayers.

You love stories, you love to 'read'. You love to HEAR stories that I make up out of my head, and are very VERY gracious to accept them and ENJOY them-as silly as my stories are. Someday, you will realize how HARD it is to make up stories on the spot! ;-)

You love to draw and one of my most favorite things is to see the things you draw. I love the stories behind your drawings, and the thoughts that led you to draw it in the first place. One of your first "non person' drawings was of a giraffe. For me, because they are my favorite.

You thank me for the most random things~ it makes it VERY easy to do things for you when you are so appreciative.

You get very offended when Andrew doesn't play with you.

You tell Andrew, randomly, that you love him lots. You tell EVERYONE that you love them lots. "More than anything", you say. Even in the grocery store, you tell me.

Women have come up to me and said "I overheard your little girl tell you that she loves you, I just think that is so very dear." More than once.

I think your philosophy of life will be that Love can't be contained-because it just gushes out of you every single day.

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You are a Leader: I really, REALLY think that a parent is hugely, and especially responsible for doing a good job with the eldest child because the eldest child in turn, teaches by example the good (or bad) habits and deeds to the younger children. If your eldest is horrible, then your younger ones will see it and become so too. If your eldest is kind and wonderful, so it will be with your youngers.

By example, you have showed Andrew many, many wonderful things-from ways to act, to ways to be creative, to ways to be obedient. He says "Yes Mama" because you first said it. He enjoys books, because he saw us reading together-and you reading alone. He loves to color-but only with you.

You are my very VERY special girl, and I am SO glad the Lord gave me you.
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