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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In the Ghetto

Did you know that in photography, using the only light source you have and not adding to it is a technique called Ghetto lighting? No flash allowed! 'Tis true, 'tis true.

I just learned this and thought it would be interesting to experiment with using Christmas lights. Honestly, I RARELY use flash on my camera anyway. I despise those awful shadows it creates, so I would rather monkey around with the aperture and shutter speed than to deal with those unsightly gray bits.

The opportunity came when Matt was watching a movie last night and I wasn't all that entranced by it. (He has today off since he has to work this weekend, so last night was our 'weekend party night'.) I decided to try out Ghetto lighting while the movie finished up.

I started out by myself, and as you can tell from the lack of photographic evidence...it didn't work. I could not focus right running back and forth from bed to camera, and the settings were not right either. Bah humbug!

When the movie was over, Matt walked in the bedroom and saw me and hopped right in.

It was MUCH easier when I had a subject to focus on. Still didn't get the settings where they should have been, but it was, after all-a FIRST attempt.

I did get a nice smoochy one, and wanted very badly to post it-but then I realized that Mattieboo had his handiehand where is shouldn't have been-so, rather than turn this site X-rated, I ought to refrain. Sigh. That pesky hand.

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Morning said...

The 'ghetto'? How curious!

smilnsigh said...

Soooooooooo coooool!

You are inspiration to everyone with a camera. Especially, with a new camera.


School for Us said...

Wow! Great shots! I just got a new camera for Christmas, so I plan on playing around with it more. I love how you're trying new things with your camera!