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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've done it.

Sporatically throughout the day, I have whittled the 287 photos taken in the day and a half I spent at the hospital into several blog posts.

See? I showed *a little* restraint.

My life, in a nutshell.

Consumed with itty scrunched up lips and dark gray eye slits.

I promise. I am done for a little while. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt and Rebecca, she is absolutely beautiful, and to think you're up and about photo taking, blogging and all the rest is simply amazing! Enjoy these special first few weeks. They are one of a few moments in life that are truly God moments. Breathe her in and like you've done, photograph every moment.
God bless your family of 5!

Abigail said...

Slacker! Where are the other 250 photos?!

Abigail said...

p.s. Piper's now screaming bloody murder, but I wanted to say that if you're at church tomorrow, I'll probably miss my chance to see you and this wee one. Sob!

I've been anticipating it since Wednesday, but our van's a bit on the fritz, and John might take the two oldest in the white car. If this is the case, know that I'm sitting at home mourning my loss and that I want to see her in person soon! :)

The dB family said...

Congratulations on your beautiful Bunkin! What a wonderful time! I could stare at these these photos for hours. May the Lord continue to bless your beautiful family!

Smith Family said...

I love the pictures you can post as many as you want. SO Happy for your new blessings!

Grandma Bibby said...

She is so beautiful. Post away!!

Paula said...

Congratulations to you and Matt on your beautiful daughter. She is so precious. It has been wonderful to share this journey with you on your blog and to finally see pictures of your precious Bunkin. Wishing you and your family all the very best and, at the risk of repeating what I'm sure many others have said, don't forget to rest!

Kind regards,
Paula (a long time reader, though I rarely comment)

Bonnie said...

I'll say it again- cute, darling girl!
Keep up the pictures, but get some rest too- My slacking off ends tomorrow.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Precious . . . absolutely precious! I love all the details of a mamma spilling over with love for the life God has blessed her with. EnJOY, enJoy, enJOY! : )

Morgan said...

I am so happy for you all. She is beautiful.

Full of Grace said...

Beautiful First Baby Pictures- you will cherish them forever!!!

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Could I ever tire of such wonderful pictures???? NO!