What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pitter Pat

This man. This man is a hard one to concentrate around.
He gets me all tied up in knots and can get my goat so easily. He is insufferable, and knows it: and worse yet: knows how to be insufferable but still get me laughing with just the squeeze of a knee or a funny voice. Do you know how FRUSTRATING it is to TRY and be angry at someone who is making you laugh?
Really and truly, I am a goner.
How could I not be with a man like this?
How did he ever learn to make such a heart-stopping gaze as that?!? Is there a school somewhere for that or is it innate? I certainly missed THAT gene.
But gaze aside: he has magical powers that can make my heart go all aflutter even while he is unconscious. Even when he is like this:

What great forces are at work here, pray tell?
And then, there are the times when He really wants to do me in-- when in an instant he pulls something like THIS

And in but a moment, my knees have gone weak and *swoon*, I'm swept away.
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It's really quite unfair. I am unequal to the task. POWERLESS, I tell you.
But then~ THEN. I look down.
And see the complete unfairness of it all. The desperate straights I am in: because when I look down, I see this:

And my heart goes pitter pat.
Oh, dear me.
How can I combat TWO heart-wrenchingly dear souls? How will I ever stand firm against their weaponry? Weapons of piercing pools of dark chocolate with deep twinkles and dimpled chins?
And today: a freshly cut head of hair. Nothing is sweeter.
And what about that boy-childs neck? No longer the rolled, pudgy neck of a baby; somewhere, sometime it became the neck of a boy, thinned and purposed. WHY did that happen, and HOW did I miss this?!?

It just isn't right, me being outnumbered with them.

I might as well just lay down and roll over, because there ain't no coming up against my boys.
I have no fight left in me....

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! He looks so grown up. He and Coryn have the same nose rinkle. hehehe. Too sweet!


Grandma Bibby said...

I can't believe how much Andrew looks like Corynn in that last picture. They are certainly related. SOON we will see photos of a new one. How exciting!!

Nanci said...

Oh Rebecca!!!
He's looking so grown up. It's best you faced facts early. The taunting and teasing only grow worse. You know I speak from experience -- those boys of ours only perfect what their fathers started. It's true, who can be upset with them when they give you one of those impish grins accompanied by the gleam in their eye.

Indeed, Mama, we are UNDONE! :-)

Victoria said...

A very sweet post. You are blessed - not only do they look alike, they both love the same woman!:) If Bunkin is a boy, you might as well call it quits:)

BTW - looks like the beard is staying shorter this time around.

Elizabeth said...

I completely agree with Mrs. Bibby- I had to do a double take on that last pic-I thought it was Corynn at first! GREAT haircut, really :)

Andie said...

your guys are pretty cute...I LOVE brown eyes!

SOOO....it's after 11:00 pm (central time) SATURDAY...you didn't post! So...did Bunkin arrive? :o) On pins and needles here!! Inquiring minds want to know!!! ;o)