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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coming Home Outfit

Well, I didn't finish the quilt I had started for Bunkin before we moved, nor did I spend lots of pre-baby days making all manner of Bunkin gear (as I had hoped) but I DID manage to get SOMETHING handmade completed for him/her.

A coming home outfit.

It can be difficult not knowing what gender baby you are going to bring home, especially for the likes of me: who tends toward gender-specific styles and colors. I am just not a yellow or green kind of person. If I have a girl, I want people to know it! If I have a boy, it REALLY stinks when people compliment you on your "precious baby girl".

Nor am I the type to buy something pink AND something blue.

I got it stuck in my thick head a Kimono outfit would be perfect. White. Then, I could dress it up with either a girlie bonnet or NOT dress it up. But let me tell you: white Kimono outfits are practically non-existent in stores these days.

So I went to my craft room, retrieved a yard sale purchased vintage sheet, a bit of leftover bias tape and some multi-colored yarn and set to work. I ironed, pinned and cut the patterns. That takes the longest amount of time (for me) so when I was done in record speed, I got a bit giddy thinking I would be done the whole outfit that very night. That is, until I realized my machine isn't working properly. Once I realized THAT, I cried. No-really, I did. I threw a little baby temper tantrum. I don't know if it was the move or what, but my lovely lady needs to visit a repair shop before we can get together again.

Then, I cried some more. Because JUST when I thought I could actually ACCOMPLISH something handmade for Bunkin, ANOTHER glitch had set me back. I toyed with the notion of handsewing. Even did a bit. Then I stole Corynn's machine from her. She thought it was pretty neat that I needed to use something of hers. That is, until she realized she wanted to use it herself.

Now, those little Hello Kitty Janome's are super cute, and do a phenomenal straight stitch...but I have been spoiled with the luxury of a top-notch gifted sewing machine. So now, I am a bit of a sewing machine snob. I got frustrated with Hello Kitty a number of times and then switched to handsewing, then got impatient and pleaded for forgiveness (and more straight stitching). Again, schizophrenic.

Three days later, I finally finished the thing-but I am proud of it and am happy with the result. It is quality work, even more so considering the rendezvous surrounding its creation . The shirt and pants are fully lined and have that wonderful softness of a worn sheet. It isn't too boy and it isn't too girl, and it was certainly made with love.

I am currently working on crocheting some wool booties (in a coordinated yarn) and will try my hand at felting (never have done that before!). We'll see if I can get them done...and if they will actually LOOK nice, AND if they would actually fit. (I am not following a felting pattern, so I am guessing at hook, yarn, and bootie size. It will be interesting!

Now, I just can't wait to see the little person coming home INSIDE of it!

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