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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My craft room, revealed

I realized the other day that I never shared the photos of my new craft room. I vowed I would, for posterity's sake, take some photos of it; not knowing how long I might have it for~ and knowing for certain it will never be this clean again.

This is the view from the door, coming into the room.

The red fabric is covering up bins of fleece, batting, stuffing and floral supplies.

On the other wall is my fabric stash. Yes, it is large. Much of it was given to me by a very generous, non-sewing Aunt who is in the craft advertising business and finds herself with lots of 1/4 yard samples. Can't do too awful much with 1/8 to 1/4 yard swatches besides quilting, and many are fabrics I wouldn't have chosen for myself but I am grateful for them nonetheless.

And then of course, my smallish bookcase (Matt built it in highschool) filled with some books and scrapbooking supplies. The basket on top is filled with sewing patterns and the laundry basket is FULL (to brimming) with WIP's. Yeah. I need to get on that...
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One of my favorite things about my craft room now, is the use of an over-the-door towel hanger for ribbon storage. I bought it for $8.00 at Walmart, hoping it would work well for towels:but they never dried. I was happy to find another (useful) use for it so that my money wasn't wasted on junk. It suits me much better as a ribbon dispenser.

For the record: the photo below is what it looked like the day before I began work on it, though truthfully, it was FAR worse about a month ago!


Charree said...

Your sewing room is so very nice. I really like the ribbon holder. It is so practical. I hope that you have a great time crafting in your room.

Have a blessed day!


Kraesc said...

What a lovely room! I wish that I had such a place to spread out and work on projects. Looks like you did a great job organizing everything too!

Tracy said...

What a nice space! I loved seeing your wedding picture there, too!

abigail said...

Not to redundantly gush here in ElectroLand, too, but...wow.

It looks just as good here as it does in real life, and I think you're using the space well!

Christine said...

I LOVE your craft room! How delightful. The fabric is arranged beautifully!