What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am well~Bunkin is well. But still, we are well together.

I hearby have officially passed my "previous pregnancy" status quo of giving birth three weeks early and am headed into the "two more weeks" mark. Does this bother me?

Depends on when you ask.

It seems to be I am pretty schizophrenic these days. At times (mostly when I find it difficult to breathe and walk, and eat, and scrub my toes, or plop myself down to change a diaper or..or..or..well. I'd better stop) I feel as though this baby could not come soon enough. Going into labor this very minute (maybe YESTERDAY) would be my deepest desire. It takes me a LONG time to get tired of being pregnant, but it does end up happening...and that is where I am at now. It just doesn't feel good anymore for Bunkin to stretch and adjust: not when the adjusting is bearing down on my already tender bladder and leaving me hoping I can wobble fast enough to the bathroom!

Then again, I am not at all anxious for Bunkin to come because... THERE IS STILL SO MUCH TO DO! Nothing that is pivotal to his/her coming, of course, but still...there is quite a list nagging at me. This baby could come tonight and it wouldn't matter a LICK that I never did get my van. We would still find a way to get Bunkin home. Matt could easily wash the carseat cover (that still sits in the barn) while I was at the hospital. If Jesus could be wrapped in swaddling clothes, Bunkin would survive thataway too for a day-until I finally was able to wash some clothing. My hospital bag isn't all that essential-just my camera. But still, I see things~ LOTS of things left undone. Letters to write before a new very little but very BIG distraction arrives. A freezer to stock before post-pregnancy, nursing-filled nights exhaust me. A diaper bag to ready before painful contractions marr my judgement. A freshly painted, coordinated light fixture over Bunkin's changing table to hang, because it is pretty. Clothes to ready and bedding to prepare. OH, the lists I have in this head of mine!

WHAT have I been doing, you ask? Household stuff. Daily laundry. Bills. Grocery shopping. Library book reading. School. Entertaining. Cooking. Entertaining. Cleaning. Eating cheesecake. Drinking Sparkling grapejuice. Writing to-do lists. Munching. Chomping. Gulping. (yet oddly, I lost a pound at my last appt.)

Seriously, I have been doing important stuff-mingled with unimportant stuff, no question: but overall?! I've been responsible with my time. Yet- the race has yet to be won. The to-do list has yet to shorten. And I heave my tired body to the bed at night thinking of what is to be on the roster for TOMORROW.

So-my state right now? I'm tired of the silly, petty inconveniences being nine months' pregnant present a woman-but ever thankful that I still am. Every moment left of this pregnancy is spoken for-and that makes the time pass by more quickly. If nothing else, I am certainly not bored! :-)

Makes me think again, how wonderful it is to give it all over to God. How wonderful it is NOT to be in charge of when delivery is going to happen-because I wouldn't be able to make up my mind! I must only take full advantage of every moment. Every moment before delivery AND after. Not a moment is to be wasted.

Yesterday we had company over-most likely the last bit of entertaining I will be doing before the baby arrives-and I made a cheesecake. A turtle cheesecake. A divine, delectable, decadent cheesecake that you will curse and praise simultaneously. I posted the recipe at Kitchen Riches for those so inclined.

You will end up cursing and praising ME simultaneously, too.

Just doing my part to spread the schizophrenia around...

You're welcome.

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Charree said...

This was quite comical and completely understandable. May God bless you with filled and productive days.


Andie said...

You are in my prayers, dear one...and Bumpkin! My cousin is also due ANYDAY!! She had her membranes stirpped today and will be induced on Friday if little Allison does not make her appearance soon! My advice to her, and you...is to have the little one on Saturday!! My Andrew's birthday is on November 15...it is a wonderful day to have a baby!!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing that delicious cheesecake with us, it was scrumptious :)

I look forward to meeting your bunkin soon but can relate to the feelings you are having, as I had similar ones at the end of my pregnancy with Christiana...Hang in there, your sweet babe will be in your arms soon!

Tracy said...

What is the white substance on top? Whipped cream? Ice cream? And the caramel on top? From a jar, or more melted caramels?

Mom2fur said...

I remember with my last 3 (#1 son was born exactly on the date I predicted), who were late, that I thought I'd be pregnant for the rest of my life.
Trust me on this...nobody is pregnant for the rest of her life. Bunkin will make a debut very soon, I'm sure.
Meantime, you take good care of yourself, okay?

Rebecca said...

Tracy~ I took photos of it in all its' nakedness the night I served it, thinking it would be gone before I had the chance to photograph it-but it turned out, some was left: so I dressed it up with whipped cream and caramel apple dip (on hand) just to make it look more tantalizing and photogenic. It can be garnished however one likes: I even thought about putting a whole pecan on each serving. So-now my secret it out... ;-)

Tracy said...


abigail said...

Jeepers, I wish the Internet would hurry up and revolutionize already. I keep waiting for the "reach out and take what's in the picture" feature, like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It looks so very yummy.