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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Foto Friday

It is 10 am FRIDAY morning....yeah, ummmm, FRIDAY, that's it! Because who in their right mind would be blogging on July 4th~and not only that, but a Foto FRIDAY post on a SATURDAY?!?!

Not I, THAT'S for sure.

Today's Foto FRIDAY tip is this: FOCUS ON THE EYES!!!

If all the rest of your photo is blurry, HEY! That's alright as long as your eyes are in focus. Case in point:

(this is my niece, Cassandra)

Eyes are so very descriptive. They can be happy, they can be sad. They can be serious, they can be smiley. Sometimes, you can see through them into a soul. The photo below, of my Opa, is haunting to me and I am drawn into it. I love the crevices of his skin, I love his reserved smile...but his EYES are what capture me. Every single time. I printed this photo and hung it on my wall, I love it so much.

It is no secret for anyone who has been visiting this blog for any length of time, that eyes are a weakness of mine.

AND eyelashes, which are happily in abundance around here...

For those practicing to focus in an exceptional way (you know who you are), eyes and eyelashes are excellent tools to help train your eyes to know when the subject is in focus. I think this is because they are just small things to focus on (pun intended) rather than seeing the whole picture and getting lost in too much information.

This week, get up CLOSE and focus on those eyes and lashes. C~for you specifically, I'd like to see you take a picture so close that only the eyes (or eyelashes) are showing. Enlist the help of your brother and sister maybe? They can be models. I know a certain brother who has amazing eyelashes! winkywink.

If you make sure your eyes are focused, you can rarely go wrong with a photo.

(PS. The first photo posted is of my own eye and if you look closely, you can see the bricks of my old house, and my arms cradling a camera which is almost perfectly lined up with my retina. The reflective nature of eyes is really fun to play with! Try it, you'll see!)


...they call me mommy... said...

GREAT tip, Rebecca! Going campin' next week and will have lots of victims...um...people to try this out on!

Absolutely LOVE your eye picture! AWESOME! :)

Orangeblossom' Mama said...


Orangeblossom asked me to let you know that she has finally done the "Focus on the Eyes" assignment. You can find it here.

Orangeblossom's Mama