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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going Visiting

Good friends make life so pleasant and I've recently found a few more.

It started with a free bed on the side of the road which I happily and thankfully snatched up.

I returned with a strawberry rhubarb crisp in order to thank them for their kindness (and, just because, I included an invite to the book exchange.)

Turns out, we have quite a lot in common.

Thus, a friendship was born.

They have just the sweetest girls. I can always tell the quality of the parents by the quality of their teens.

We enjoyed a wonderfully fun day at their house, admiring gardens (and BEAUTIFUL garlic-just LOOK!),

exploring, laughing, wading, sheep petting, admiring, and getting to know one another.

By the end, we were happily exhausted.

It was a GOOD day.

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Bonnie said...

I'm having garlic envy.

Michelle said...

Oh, my! We know this family! Too funny. :) They are really sweet people.

Bonnie said...

I was thinking their little guy looked like Andrew... when I realized Oh! It IS Andrew!

Peggy said...

How wonderful to make new friends especially so close to you!! What type of sheep? If you find that they would love to share sheep info I would be all ears!!

I must admit I am too in garlic envy! Haven't grown any since we moved up here and we lived in a garlic growing area in OH!!

Mom2fur said...

That is so wonderful that a simple exchange between strangers has started a new friendship! The kids are all so cute, but the baby with the flower behind her ear in the last photo...soooo sweet!

...they call me mommy... said...

How wonderful!!! Good friends are few and far between! :)