What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, July 10, 2009


Lots of questions coming in lately so I think it is time I get to answering....Here are the ones I found, in no particular order. If you have asked a question and it hasn't been answered here, let me know. For some reason Blogger stopped emailing me comments made(though it is still set up to do so) and so comments made on older posts are likely being missed by me.

Here we go!

Peggy asked: Where did you get your quote? And do you have a recipe for the lemonade and tea concentrates?Do you have any other crafty ideas for scrape book paper?

The quotes I found on the Internet. I love the internet. So very very much.

The lemonade and tea concentrates are as follows:

Lemonade Concentrate: Boil 1 cup (or so) of water and stir in 1 cup of sugar until dissolved. Add 1 cup lemon Juice (I buy the BIG containers!) Store each batch into separate canning jars. When it is time to serve, pour into a 2 quart container and fill with cold water. You can float frozen strawberries and mint leaves for elegance.

Mint Tea Concentrate: Bring 2 cups of water to boiling, then turn off burner.Dissolve 1 cup sugar in it. Add 6 regular tea bags and four mint teabags and let steep for 5-7 minutes. Put each batch in a separate canning jar. When time to serve, pour into a gallon pitcher and fill to top with cold water. Float mint leaves atop for added elegance.

Scrapbook Paper is so versatile, this question could take me AGES to answer. It is GREAT to make buntings with, you can make homemade envelopes with them, and something I am going to do very soon: PINWHEELS!

Bonnie asked: how do you like that baby wrap?

I have two. One was gifted to me and it called a Mai Tai. I LOVE it. Not only does it suit my style (like perfectly) but it is cool in the summer to wear. It is great for walking and carrying but now that Miss Adyay is older, if I have work to do or lots of bending, I don't feel as supported with it. So I use my Moby Wrap (I won it!). I love it so much for working. Not the PRETTIEST thing in the world (when you win something, you don't have color options!) but it is more supportive than any other babywrap ever. I have back problems and find it to be super comfortable on my shoulders and back too. I think this is because you can pull the shoulder straps over your arms, thus alleviating strap pressure. I DEFINITELY recommend it. It is simply a long piece of fabric~ six yards I believe that is slightly tapered at the ends. Six yards could make you TWO because the strip is not that wide. I intended to make one myself but them I priced the fabric! SHEESH is fabric crazy expensive!

Paula asked: Do you think for an older girl, I could use two of the same pillowcases and make it (the pillowcase skirt)??

I am CERTAIN that would work splendidly. Oh...and the green skirt that Corynn loves was fashioned the same way as the other two, I just didn't shorten the length, that's all. :-)

Nanci asked: You would have moved by last July, so are they from Memorial Day last year OR are they from 2007?

You were right. The top Fourth of July pictures that I posted were from 2008 but the last one was from 2007. I guess I wasn't paying close attention. My how time flies.

Rosemarie asked: How do you handle your fear of death? I suffer from the same thing. For me its even turned into panic attacks as a result. Just wondering if you have anything you do to keep it in check. As a Christian I know I SHOULDN'T fear death....and yet I do, which brings an awful lot of guilt.

Rosemarie~I wish I had a better answer for you, one that would take your fear (and guilt) away but I am regretfully inadequate as is this response. I am in your same boat...In fact, this blog of mine was actually startedin a morbid sense: so that if ever I die, my children would know (even if they never got the chance during my lifetime) 1) that I loved them more dearly than all else and 2) they would KNOW me and remember me, even if/when memories fade. Truly, knowing that I have laid myself bare here comforts me in knowing that my children will have a means to remember me and my love for them. In my case, I fear my loved ones dying (mainly my husband and children) because I fear how I would ever live without them and I fear myself dying, for the suffering I might endure and for the suffering my family would endure for me. I do not despair over heaven or meeting God and I do look forward to the day that I can be there with Him. I would just rather Christ would return to Earth for His saints BEFORE death! hehehe I don't believe that these feelings disappoint God (He is compassionate and understanding, and He knows our frame) and therefore, I don't believe we ought to feel guilt. (That doesn't mean I don't at times.) I DO know He is the one who can take the pain away, the fear, and the grief.

When I am overcome with worry, fear, guilt and/or panic my only treatment for the affliction is to pray. Over and over and over. I do not stop praying. I don't care if I repeat myself. I don't care if it is through sobbing. I could pray the same thing over and over again "Lord, get these thoughts out of my head." "Lord, give me comfort." I am certain that God doesn't mind redundant prayers if those are the thoughts on your heart. Eventually, I am given peace enough to fall asleep or think on other things.

I think it is less important that we FEEL these fears and MORE important what we do in response to them, and more specifically WHO WE RELY ON during these times. If you are seeking comfort and peace from God, then you ought not to feel a LICK of guilt.

As I said before, this blog gives me comfort in knowing that someday my children will have access to me, my thoughts, my dreams for them, my adoration OF them, and who I am.... even when I am gone. But even when I am not overcome, I am always trying to make the moments here on earth with my beloveds as memorable as I can be.

Rely on God, even through the dark moments, and you will be safe no matter what your circumstances.

Michelle asked: Did you go to the R*** "all over town" yard sales the first week of June?

I DID! In fact, I found a childhood doll of mine that had me almost in tears (in a good way!). Three dollars of happiness. I'll have to show you a picture! I also got a lavender plant! It was loads of fun...and PACKED with people! :o)

Michelle asked: I ordered 599 prints off of snapfish (hiding my face). Yeah. That is disgusting, isn't it?! :P

ummmmm...no. That is about how many pictures I take in a week. *blush*

Wilm asked: Have you ever made a pavlova (we call them a pav for short!)? Very Kiwi dessert. Basically a soft meringue dessert (inside soft with a crunchy outside)served with lots of cream on top. And decorated with lots of fresh fruit - often lots of strawberries. Which is why I just thought of it! If you would like a recipe for it, I can send you the one I use.

No, I've never made one before but it sounds delicious~ and a good way to use some EGGS too! If you are willing, I'd love you to share the recipe!

Jerelene asked: Does the baby suck her 3rd and 4th fingers?

She sure does. We say it is her special way of telling us she loves us, because her hand makes the sign for I love you. :-)

Linds asked: Love it! I Cant wait to try your other tutorial :) Did you just hem the bottom and make a waist?? Off subject question: do you cloth diaper?

Actually, this was the first skirt I made trying to replicate the initial yellow twirley skirt so I made the wedges but because their were so few it looked like I COULD have just hemmed the bottom and made a waist for the same effect.

Cloth diapering. Ah, the big question.

I am VERY schizophrenic when it comes to cloth diapering. Short answer is no. But there are times when I put them on too. Newborns are easy to cloth diaper (which I always remember when my babies start on REAL food.) I always take cloth for when babies go on creek visits. Those swim diapers are so expensive! I only have about two or three that I got at yard sales, I've given many away. Getting diapers for almost nothing due to CVS shopping has definitely helped me happily oblige touching poo as little as possible, but CVS just hasn't been as happening a place as usual lately....

And now for some photograhy ones....

Peggy asked: DeleteAny tips on taking pictures of the family pets?

Peggy asked: how do you manage to get such beautiful shots of yourself?

They cAll me Mommy asked: Thanks for these tips! I would love to hear some of your secrets for taking inanimate objects vs. moving targets like kiddos! What are some tricks you have to make things super clear/sharp?

~Since I am almost out of Foto Friday topics....I will keep these for some posts. Thanks for the suggestions!

Under the Son asked: Do you mind my asking what kind of camera you use?

I have a Canon Rebel XT. Basic model with the normal lens. Someday I would LOVE to have the MACRO lens though, oh my, would I. It's a good one!

They Call Me Mommy asked: can I ask you one tiny question...pretty please? :) I seem to have trouble with the white balance inside my home...I don't know if it is just my lights or what but a lot of my indoor photographs (especially at night) that I take without flash end up orange...I set my camera on the right setting for the bulbs that I have in my light but I still end up with an awful orange...should I just give up and always use flash at night? Any tips?

There is a reason why I am not discussing "fancy camera" stuff...and that is because I am sorely lacking in that department. I DO know that sometimes the white balance doesn't work for me either under the proper settings. Sometimes, I put it on say, tungsten, when I actually have florescent lighting because the coloring looks better. There is a way to CUSTOMIZE your white balance by using a sheet of white paper. Check your manual to see if that is a possibility in your case. If it ends up orange but still clear, see if you can adjust the colors through Picasa or a photo editing program. Sorry I am not very much help!

LAST one....

Peggy asked: how is your garden doing?

Wanna see?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

Just back from a weeks holiday with the family and catching up on some blogs.

Here is the pavlova recipe:

4 egg whites
1 1/2 cups caster sugar
1 tsp white vinegar
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 Tbsp cornflour
pinch cream of tartar (optional)
1/8 cup boiling water

Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit - we do celsius scale here in NZ!)
Using an electric mixer, beat egg whites, sugar, vinegar, vanilla essence, cornflour and cream of tartar for about 10 minutes. It should be thick and glossy. Add the hot water and beat for longer.

Line oven tray with baking paper. Draw 22cm circle and spread mixture in circle. Smooth top surface.

Place in oven and turn temperature down to 100 degrees celsius (210 degrees fahrenheit). Bake for 1 hour.

Then turn the oven off. open the oven door slightly and leave pavlova in oven until cold (overnight is great).

When cold, whip cream (it's got to be REAL cream, not that stuff in a can) and spread over pavlova. Can just do it on the top or do sides as well. Do a nice thick layer :-)
Then pile strawberries or any type of berries on top and serve.

Can also put Kiwifruit on the cream. Or you can fold some lemon curd through the cream before spreading it on the pavlova.

ENJOY! Love to see a pic if you try it!

YOu need to make sure that NO egg yolk is in the egg white. And that the bowl you use is absolutely clean - no fatty residue in there. Clean with hot soapy water before you start is a good idea. Otherwise your egg whites won't thicken and beat up properly.

Cheers, Wilm in NZ