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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sans Falls

Lots of fun days to enjoy these balmy summer months.

After church one Sunday, we went to a local State Park and Waterfalls.

These are the photos from that day, minus the waterfalls, which I didn't get a single picture of. Oddly enough

I guess baby peach fuzz backlit by sunshine was more impressive to me that day????

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Bonnie said...

I feel my head spinning just looking at these pictures. I have a TERRIBLE fear of heights. Times about 1000 when children are around.

Looks like you all had lots of fun though!

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~ I actually had what might have been considered a panic attack that nearly made us leave because there were no railings and Andrew just runs around like nothing. I actually started to cry! and my breath felt like it was taken away . After that, I insisted, if we were to stay, that the kids had to hold Matt's hands the WHOLE time.

I guess it didn't help that a friend from our senior class was killed at the very spot where we were, after jumping into the water from too high a distance and hitting something underneath. Yeah. I was scared.

Jerelene said...

That does look scary...scary but prtty..they need railings!
I love the family picture and the one with Matt holding Adele is adorable! Her little head is glowing like a halo :)
Love, Jerelene