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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Bird's Eye view

Now for the EASY one.

A very clever American Robin, decided to make home sweet home upon our air conditioner. Smart bird knew that the air conditioner was about 30 feet off the ground so no one would be able to bother her.

She forgot, however, that the kitchen's back porch is right NEXT to the air conditioner, 30 feet up in the air. So-we humans have been pestering her babies every time she is off to fill those hungry bellies.

We first saw them in the egg stage...here they are, one birdie shy.

And then there were three!

As much I adore watching birds, they are ugly as sin when they are first born. NO picture could make them look nice! :-) Only a MOTHER would love a face like that!

Already they are starting to form feather spikes. They grow up so fast.. sniff, sniff! :-)

I apologize for the quality of these pictures (or lack thereof). A shady spot is a great feature for a nest location-NOT so for my camera. As you can see...that didn't deter me from going nuts...


Kelli said...

Those are amazing pictures, Rebecca! I'm always amazed at how blue their eggs are!

Elizabeth said...

What a cool opportunity for photos! I love all the close-ups, but I agree, baby birds really aren't so cute compared to most babies. They do grow into their looks though :)

smilnsigh said...

How super lucky you were, to have this bird's eye view!!! Great photos!


Michelle said...

Isn't it neat to get a sneak peak? Today, Matthew found a similar treasure-a robin's nest in one of our lilac bushes with one baby sleeping soundly and a blue egg to boot. :) The boys had a hard time understanding that they cannot touch the nest/egg/bird or break the branches connected to the nest... Matthew asked me things like, "What would happen if I threw rocks in the nest?" "What would happen if all the branches broke on the lilac bush?" Boys.