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Monday, June 11, 2007

Bummed out...and feeling sorry for myself

I got my camera the end of last week. You know, the new, jazzy-snazzy camera that cost me an arm and a leg? yeah...that one.

When I got it I was so totally and happily overcome with the need to try it out, I took about 400 pictures. It was SO FUN to be manually controlling a camera again! My fingers MISSED that! It was also super cool to see far things come up close with the telephoto lens. I took silly, stupid pictures of silly, stupid things.

When Saturday arrived and we were about to head to the wedding, I knew I would have to delete the pictures to make room for the wedding ones. But-because I spent the morning altering Matt's suit pants (YES~I did it all by MYSELF and am VERY proud of it!) and giving myself a fake french manicure, I ran out of time to get them on the computer.

After a moment's contemplation, I just erased the WHOLE batch from the camera. After all-they were 400 SILLY no point shots, right? Nothing I couldn't take again.

Or so I thought.

Only later, did I remember all my recent baby bird pictures were on there. I said, "That STINKS. There were some REALLY good ones in there! Oh well...I will just go out there RIGHT now and take some more." And so I did. And when I stepped out...all the babies flew off. And have not returned. So-I missed my chance and erased all the ones I had. I coulda cried.

Oh-but the story does not end there.

This morning, I was so excited to share a project I worked on last week. A project for a certain little GIRL in our lives. A top secret project that I documented with photographs. Alas. All of those photographs were deleted in the mix and the package is reaching its destination today. So-again. No pictures.

Also-I am having a LOT of trouble taking close-ups with my new camera which is giving me more than a bit of a headache. After all, I am close-up obsessed. I can only take close ups with the telephoto lens and THEN I have to be standing far away from the subject-so I can't focus on a particular ASPECT of the subject. It makes me wanna cry.

And then the wedding pictures. They just stink/stank/stunk.

So-I didn't feel like blogging today. Just plain angry and bummed out. And frustrated. But I forced myself to anyway. Because I know THOUSANDS of people are hanging on my every word and picture and the day would be lost to them if I didn't post.

I couldn't let down the thousands of readers I have, even if I was a bit grumbly.

Now I am off to stop wallowing in my own self-pity.

And "get this STINK washed off me".

The one GOOD thing that happened? I got a halfway decenet shot of Matt and I in front of our Catalpa tree. Matt's parents came down for the weekend to stay with our children for the wedding and took this as we were leaving.

THAT makes me happy.

Tomorrow, I will be back and I will be happy as a lark. Promise.
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Alison Bynum said...

1. good job on the self portrait
2. you know i will help you on any photo-related stuff that i can. a quick tip for a dark church - crank the ISO setting up to 1600 and then set your aperture as low as your lens will allow (2.8 is my favorite lens' lowest setting) set the shutter speed around 1/60 and see what you get.
3. your wedding photo observations are absolutely accurate. it is hard, even for a pro photographer, to get good shots as a guest. i don't even take a "good camera" to a wedding if i am not THE photographer hired to cover the event. i sit on the aisle with my point and shoot camera and grab a few quick blurry shots with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I also have the Rebel XT even for a long-time photo enthusiest, it has a learning curve! Don't give up yet - you'll fall in love with it soon...and get a few wide-angle/ macro lenses, it will help on the closeups!

bibbymj said...

I like this shot, but my favorite is the close up of you two.

No, I don't have a blog. I just have a google account now. It was the only way I could get on a friend's blog to view her children.

smilnsigh said...

Well, this picture is lovely. :-)

And it's perfectly ok for you to wallow in self-pity at such a time. It is!~ It is! It is! Having to make a quick decision, to delete. It's awful.

But... in the grand scheme of things and all that Pollyanna-type-jazzzzz... It's not all that big a deal, hu? :-))))

But I repeat, it was perfectly ok for you to be bummed-out when you wrote this entry.

Annnd... it is a _new_ camera. So you really need some time to master differences. Please don't be so hard on yourself, for not knowing just how to deal with it, immediately. Give yourself some time. And have fun with the process of learning. :-)

OK, I'll stop with the Pollyanna type stuff. -giggles-


devildogwife said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time getting use to the camera -- I understand completely as I'm doing the same. lol!

I'm also sorry about the deleted pics. I know how frustrating that can be. (((hugs)))

Kimberly said...

I did the same thing last week, and it's NOT a new camera. Sigh. I've done it before the same way, so you'd think I'd learn. Nope.