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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Making of a (very) modest water garden

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When Gary and Linda came out last weekend to take care of the children while we attended the wedding, they brought with them a cooler full of 'teenager' pollywogs. The pollywogs that I had caught were actually...well, er, tadpoles. Not any bigger than a pencil eraser. The ones THEY brought down?? Woah. What was I THINKING?!? A pollywog would EVENTUALLY outgrow a glass dish! DUH!!

They are about 3 inches long and REALLY bizarre looking. We were so excited to see them close up and firsthand. Again...that would be ME included.

Now that we had so MANY of them, and they were MUCH larger than I had anticipated (I know I know...I don't know what I expected...) we were trying to figure out what to DO with them.

That's where the broken inflatable pool came in. I was going to trash it. Then, realized it would be perfect. So in the pollywogs went. It was only natural to combine the whole 'pollywog' tank with the water garden I planned on making with Corynn.

What could be better? Learning about frogs AND plants...at the same time!
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