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Monday, June 11, 2007

What I learned about Wedding Photography

I was totally disgusted about the wedding photos I took. So glad I wasn't ACTUALLY the photographer...or all would be RUINED. No flash photography was allowed, so that nilched all the inside the church pictures. As disappointed and discouraged as I was, I did take mental notes throughout the day, to file away for 'future reference' (if ever needed). Here are some things I learned...

~Professional photography is HARD and those who do it well are EXTREMELY and AMAZINGLY talented.

~Wedding photography is especially hard because
1) churches are always badly lit
2) It all happens ONCE and that is it
3) Your subject is a constantly moving target

~Always wear BLACK or BROWN-to fade into the background (the "photographer" wore BRIGHT turquise and so, was VERY noticable. Especially when she was standing on the front balcony...which leads me to...)

~NEVER STAND in a front balcony or in FRONT of the B&G (the walking back and forth above the Bride and Groom was distracting. The FLASHES from her camera facing US were distracting. The checking out her pictures on the LCD was DISTRACTING. Her floating turquise shirt was DISTRACTING...yeah. She bugged me.)

~It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to take 'professional grade' pictures if you are not 'THE' photographer. All the great shots that I had in my head couldn't be done because I was just 'a guest'. I couldn't pose them. I couldn't be alone with them. It really REALLY stunk.

~I need to SERIOUSLY work with my camera and PRACTICE. Especially with aperture and shutter speed. They baffle me.

~tripods are NECESSARY for low-light, telephoto shots.

~Either be the photographer or be the guest. Not both.

~The more the merrier. The more pictures you take, the better the chances for a good outcome.

Anyway. It was a fun date (when I wasn't TRYING to take a bazillion pictures) and a nice wedding. And I did learn alot. So, that's that.
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Abigail said...

And, how.

I doubt I could be a wedding photographer if I spent five thousand arms and legs on a camera.