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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Consolation Prize

The yard sale weekend left much to be desired. I can't complain about living in the country for any reason but one. It STINKS for yard sales.

Every yard sale I have ever had I have made over $100.00 a day. Of course, that was when I lived in some semblance of a town. THIS yard sale, I made $85.00 on Friday with not ONE customer (or even LOOKER) on Saturday. All my Friday customers were neighbors.

Two weeks from now, I am trying ONE LAST TIME, by having a joint yardsale at a friends house. She is STILL in the country but on a more main road. I can only pray that one will show me a bit more success. I will wait until the outcome of THAT yardsale to share my yardsale tips and tricks...right now I feel too inadequate.

As you can see from the picture, the weather wasn't all THAT fabulous either. It didn't rain though-until I had things packed away. So there is always something to be thankful for.

On a good note: the children found new inspiration in their old toys-and kept themselves rather busy. Corynn begged and begged to keep this one silly bear that sings Jesus Loves Me in a monotone and irritating voice. She is SO dramatic. Finally, I told her she could chose ONE THING to keep. I was hoping that the OPTION would lure her to find something a little LESS annoying.

She didn't.

So-Jesus loves me is repeating every few seconds around here. Blast that bear! :-)


Remember how I told you that I was saving up for my camera little by little? Well- every cent that I had saved up had to be used on something MUCH LESS romantic. As any mother does-you just suck it up. This has happened a few times before. So I am a bit accustomed to it.

Last night, though, we were able to order *MY* camera and it should be arriving sometime this week. 10 months interest free financing, all yard sale #1 proceeds have been put toward it and MORE successful (YES YES!) yard sale #2 proceeds will go toward it and some 'paying back' will get my dream camera-after a few years of waiting. Why did we decide to finally get it THIS week?

Because on Friday, Gary and Linda are coming for the weekend. On SATURDAY, Mattie and I will be living it up at a wedding all by our lonesomes and my gift to the happy couple will be some pictures. They didn't hire a professional photographer, they are having a friend cover it and could use all the help they could get. Pictures are my life! I can't imagine not having a plethora of them recounting the most important day in your life!

Needless to say, I have been studying the wedding photography and hoping for some tips from the gorgeous stuff that flows from this ladies fingertips. I can't wait to get it!

Must be off. Hope everyone is having a happy weekend.

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smilnsigh said...

Well, I'm sorry it wasn't as big a success as you'd hoped for. Hope the joint one in 2 weeks, will be much better.

But!!!!!! You are getting *YOUR* camera!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! And a wedding coming, to really use it at, for the first big fun of it. Yesssssss!!!


smilnsigh said...

Mmmm... that last sentence of... "...to really use it at, for the first big fun of it" wasn't exactly clear, was it? But I'm sure you can figure out my meaning. ,-)


Kelli said...

Rebecca, I'm so sorry your yardsale didn't go as planned. I was just about to suggest having another one with a friend and then read that's what you are going to do! Are you able to freeze your bakesale goodies?

Yippee on the camera!! I am so excited for you and what a wonderful gift you are giving your friends! I know their wedding pictures will be amazing!

Big (((hugs)))


Alison Bynum said...

you are too too sweet!

congratulations on the camera!!!!!

i may have some big news to share on tuesday...stay tuned to my family blog for details...and pray pray pray.

alison b.

Abigail said...

Blah! (Yard sale.)
Hurrah! (CAMERA!!!!)

How exciting! I'm sure the pictures you take with your dream camera will be wonderful, and I can't wait for the wedding pictures. For my fragile sake, though, tone them down a bit so that they're not so stinking wonderful that I become less than overwhelmed and awed and overjoyed with my new beauty! (Kidding, of course. Make them as stinking wonderful as you want, and I'll enjoy exclaiming over them...)

Alison's photography is stunning. I like to steer clear of such sites (except for Steve, because I know him) because they make me audibly groan at my snaps, but I couldn't resist a quick peek. Wow.

Mrs. B. said...

Glad about your camera purchase. Sometimes that is what we have to do, buy it!!

Don't forget to take a shot like my favorite from your wedding - the one with you each on the opposite side of the door longing for it to be finished so you could see each other. I still love that one.

Have fun without the kids.

LBP said...

Sorry about the yard sale! I live out in the "boonies" as well. the only succesful yard sale we had here was when everyone on our road had one on the same day. I guess people figured it would be worth the drive.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Another fun wedding photography site is genevievenisly.com
She also has some stunning artistic pictures, is a good friend, did my wedding pictures
(but none of my photos are there any more), and has been featured in a few wedding magazines.
Just a shameless plug for her!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing in all my excitement everyone! This is a VERY big deal to me-like the most expensive thing I have ever owned!! So it was fun to have a 'happy party'!

Abby~I feel the same way sometimes but find comfort in knowing I might be able to steal an idea or two! ;-)

Mrs. B~The thing is, I don't really want to step on her friends' toes so I am going to be doing this a bit incognito...so that shot probably won't happen. But I will say, I am VERY impressed that you remembered that picture from MY wedding~ it has been so long since I have looked at my wedding album even I almost forgot about it! And since thefamily picture is SO far down there-I will say HERE, I am so sorry your time with Joe and Heather was tainted with food poisening! Dear me-that must have been awful! It's a shame-when we WERE all together...we STILL didn't get a family picture together. Argh!

lbp~all things in consideration, the boonies is STILL the place to be! ;-)

Mrs. Bonnie~Love your new profile picture! And you are shameless! And now I will have yet ANOTHER blog to drool over each day! Thank you for sharing it! I bet your wedding pictures were amazing!

Lori B said...

Sorry to hear about your bad luck at your yard sale.
It is good to try again.

Elizabeth said...

I am excited for you to get your new camera. I know this is something you have wanted for a very long time! Looking forward to seeing the magic you make with it :)