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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Absolute Tragedy

I spent yesterday stitching away and this morning putting ribbons in hair and BOTH days snapping pictures away in order...


share that pillowcase skirt tutorial with you.

If you haven't already noticed by the lack of photo in THIS post, read my lips.


I was all set to upload it all when Picasa sent me a nastygram saying "Yada Yada Yada...you've uploaded TOO many pictures! Yada Yada Yada...you have no more GB left of storage space. Yada Yada. PAY MONEY TO US."

I knew the day would likely come when my picture taking obsession would come and bite me in the butt but I didn't know it would come so soon. Or that it would hurt so hard.

Until I can figure out an alternative that doesn't cost a yearly sum, I am benched. Anyone have this happen to them? Any suggestions on what to do? Any way I can avoid PAYING for storage space?

PLease? Anyone?!?



Anonymous said...

Gee Whiz!!!! I am just so thankful it wasn't real life tragedy that happened! You scared me!

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Another bloggie friend had the same problem. She had to go back and (gulp) delete some of her pictures from her old posts.

Here's my suggestion: have a spiral bound book made of your posts and pictures and delete the old ones. Kinkos or Shutterfly would be suggestion.

Heather said...

My husband uses this site: http://www.mediafire.com/
Haven't used it myself, but its FREE!

Peggy said...

Rebecca, could you please let me know the cost? If you have any questions please drop me an e-mail ASAP. I will check back later on today!!

Smile girly girl, it will work out!

Moxie said...

I use Flickr and Photobucket for picture hosting, I'm not sure what their limits are (or if they even have any) but so far they've been great.

Terri said...

I use Photobucket for picture hosting and haven't had a problem with them.

Anonymous said...

I use photobucket, it works great. :) Also, couldn't you open a picasa account under your hubby?

Bonnie said...

I've used photo bucket too, our old computer was to slow for it to do me much good. I like anonymous' thought for a picasa account.

Michelle said...

Yes, open one under Matt's name. Then, when THAT fills up, open one up under Corynn's name, etc, if you really like Picasa the best. Otherwise, I have used photobucket and they're really good, too.

I wouldn't care how much or little they want you to pay. Peggy's offer is nice, but there is no reason why in this day and age you should have to pay for something like this. There are free alternatives! :)

Nanci said...


If you have a disc-burner on your computer, you could burn them to a disc. It's really easy to do -- EVEN I have been able to do it. You can store the photos you use on your blog with Picasa. You can still lift them off the disc and edit them with Picasa anytime you like.

Rebecca said...

It seems to be a problem with the amount of photos UPLOADED, not the amount stored. I know this because I spent a good chunk of yesterday deleting junk or redundant photos to free up space.

I had thought about opening up another Picasa account but since you upload it once to your computer, I thought perhaps once it was done it wouldn't be done again. Maybe I will try-because photobucket takes too long for me for some reason. :-(

I am also going to try Flickr but that too, takes a very long time for me albeit their posts are more sound.

Peggy~you are very kind but I could never, would never in good conscience take advantage of such a kind-hearted offer for something as trivial as a blog. But I think you are an incredibly wonderful person just to think about it!

Amity said...

You are a real photographer. Real photographers pay for real professional storage. I love Flickr and have paid the 25 bucks a year for the past several years. I have over 10k pics on there...pics I never worry about finding because they are in the care of a professional media management site.

You are too good to not pay for professional media storage!! Bonus: you can access the pictures from any computer!

Peggy said...

I agree with Amity! You are a real photographer! I have friends/family who are paid "real" photographers and the quality of your photos are in the same catagory or surpase theirs! So please do not belittle yourself!!!! Okay, off my soapbox! (see i get lecture occasionally but its not about photography...)

I do have a two fold reason for asking prices. We have been doing research (future business) but I have not been able to access any of the photo storage sites right now. Chris tried at work but they are blocked sites for him... Our library is only open 4 days a week and they are having computer issues so.... I have to rely on others right now for info! Ah the life of dial-up in a rural (and I mean rural) location!!

Rebecca said...

Amity~your comment gave me chills. In a good way. Thanks for giving me perspective AND one of the best compliments anyone could ever give me.

oh DUH. I'm a dork Peggy. I totally read into your comment...the WRONG way.

My face is red


The upgrade for Picasa storage space is:

10GB - $20/yr
40GB - $75/yr
150GB - $250/yr
400GB - $500/yr

For Flickr it is: unlimited for $24.99 a year (I think)