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Monday, June 08, 2009

Lasagna Gardening Part 5: PLANTING (finally!)

There are two kinds of gardeners: those who label and those who don't.

I don't.

I like to draw out and map my garden layout. Usually, it happens mid-winter when the garden bug bites. I map and I tweak and I admire all through those bleak blustery days, then I tweak and admire through the rainy spring, then I longfully admire through the building up the beds, fencing and prep work stages...all the way through until planting day.

Then, I curse all my many garden aspirations.

(just kidding)

I used orange yarn to block off the different plant "zones" and help me to navigate my way through the beds. Yarn is incredibly cheap at yard sales. This particular hideous shade of orange cost me a whopping ten cents. But it is PERFECT garden yarn.

These are my tomato plants. I raised them ever since they were just a glint in their seed mothers' eye. So proud I am of them.

I really tried to create a garden that is as beautiful as it is functional. Almost every bed has flowers of some sort (some added very spontaneously so they are not included in the map above) and I even created what I hope to be a FLOURISHING cutting garden. A spot specifically designed to produce flowers for me to cut for the table and home, you will likely not be surprised to hear that this is something I have longed for and pined after for quite some time...

I have really enjoyed learning about companion planting; what plants do well together and which ones, when put together, ruin the whole lot. I have a tremendous lot to learn yet, but it has been fun to incorporate SOME of my newfound knowledge in the layout of this years' garden. And it will be equally fun seeing if the books actually know what they are talking about! ;-)

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