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Monday, June 08, 2009

Lasagna Gardening Part 4: Fencing

We live in deer country. And rabbit country, and woodchuck country and CHICKEN country.

So we need some protection against animal invasions, some SERIOUS protection.

Thankfully, snooping around the property, we found fence posts AND an old, taken apart corn crib...AND some other random rusty metal stuff.

So we made due. It isn't pretty, trust me. The tops don't even line up in places, the pieces are rusty and often overlap. But it didn't cost us and will HOPEFULLY provide that much needed animal barrier.

The first step was to make some post holes. Thankfully, we worked on the fencing after a good solid bout of rain. The ground was damp, making it easily moldable. Easily being a relative term.

Then came the pounding. Pounding in fenceposts is a fun activity to watch.

Notice I said WATCH....not do. But Matt is a trooper. A SUPER trooper.

Now that I think about it, the RESULTS of such hardwork are fun to admire too.

Oh my. I need a drink.
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Shannon said...

We have problems with deer and rabbits as well. Did you know that human hair will keep away deer? When I cut my boys' hair we sprinkle their cut hair around the perimeter. Weird, but it works.

I love your garden.