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Monday, June 08, 2009

more garden footage

(We interrupt this program for boy who dressed himself with carharts and church shirt. Because, he's just too cute with that cheeky grin.

And while I'm at it~ for this boy, with his cheeky grin. Because he's too darn cute too. There, I'm done now. Thank you.)

The nailing the fence up was really a two person job so the only chance I had to photo-record it was when Matt was off getting another piece of fencing. I was in charge of holding the fence while he pounded fence staples into the wood. My hands were numb from the vibrations after a while and I wanted to save my lovely camera from its own numbing death. Because I am compassionate like that.

And because I might die if ever my camera were to break.

There now. Guantanamo Gardens is complete. Perhaps it looks like a prison, but HEY! It was free! :-)

(and hopefully, it will keep the nightly deer invasions to a minimum. PLEASE?!?)
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Riahli said...

Wow your garden looks great. :)
Looks like you've all been super busy.

So cool that you have so much on hand to reuse, it really does help doesn't it, free is best!

We don't have much property living in town, so I have to make do with two small garden boxes, better then nothing. I sort of miss the old place we use to live though, I had a great big garden there and it was so nice!

...they call me mommy... said...

Hey, I understand about critters! We had 10 chickens killed by raccoons THROUGH a fence one night! :-) Here's hoping that your fence is JERICHO to those beasts!


Peggy said...

I'm such a goober! I thought your wrote Guano gardens not Guantanamo Gardens, duh! I love Panda's carhartts!!! They are so cute!!!

By the way your garden is fabulous! Once I have the blog up I'll post some pictures of ours. Our rhubarb did NOT die, it was just hiding!!! And the currents and raspberries are flourishing!!

I started the blog but deleted it already.... I can't figure out how to set it up so that my e-mail address isn't automatically shown at the top of the page.

Elizabeth said...

Andrew looks so grown up in that picture, it's amazing!