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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Matchy Matchy....on a dime

I am a Mama who loves her children matching for as LONG as I can do it.

I dreamed of having two girls to dress up alike many a day when I first had a second girlie in my arms.

Then reality hit.

It's HARD to play matchy matchy with girls so far different in ages. Unless I spent trillions of dollars (or close). OR sewed all their clothes.

Now I like to sew, but I am a SLOW sewer and not only that-but that might still cost me thousands (it's expensive, I tell ya!)

So when I saw some shirred skirts on super clearance at Target I snatched up two, both size 7. One for the eldest. And one, modified, for the baby.

I stitched a seam along the side and cut off the excess to make a dress body. Added some embroidered grosgrain for straps and VOILA!

A dress!

PLus, the "excess" was just enough for two coordinated hair pieces.

I love it when that happens.

And I REALLY love matchy matchy.

Seems to me, I have a similar colored Polo shirt JUST Andrew's size....

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Nanci said...


You are a WHIZ KID!!! I love the fabric and the color! The outfits are FABULOUS!!! No one would guess that the littlest Miss's outfit was a make-over.

Do you think Matt would let you make a matching headband for Panda?????? ;D Well, maybe not.

Truly GREAT job!!!

Lots of Love,


Jerelene said...

The fabric is really pretty! and on such pretty little girls! My mom used to make me and my sister and herself, all matching dresses. When I look back now at the pictures, it really was cute!! Does the baby suck her 3rd and 4th fingers? That's what my oldest daugter did..it was so adorable. Congratulations to Panda on the big achievement!! You have a precious family..:)
Love, Jerelene

...they call me mommy... said...

What a superb idea!!! I already was in the planning stages of a pillow case skirt to MATCH my Annie's for my little Ella...so this post is further inspiration...alas I haven't had much crafting time this week...ho hum! Oh well! I'll get to it! I LOVE MATCHING KIDDOS ALSO!!!!

Bonnie said...

My mom used to coordinate us( we oldest 3), and have my 2 (when I only HAD 2) younger brothers match quite frequently. I used to say *all the time* that I wouldn't make my kids match. Guess what? I lied. As soon as I found out that Rachel was going to be a girl, I started dreaming of matchy smatchy ;0P And guess who now has all my moms matchy patterns?!?

Your beautiful Babes look- well- beautiful! And way to go Panda!!! Brady just finally figured out the sit 'n' spin yesterday.

Oh, and speed isn't everything when sewing, and you don't give yourself enough credit- you make fantastic things and you're not afraid to "wing" a lot of them with stunning results!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

How is your baby girls hearing doing? I just recently had a new son and he continually fails his hearing test in one ear. we are going to do another round of tests in a few weeks.

The girls look great. Nice job on the outfits.

Riahli said...

So cute, I love the fabric!

Andie said...

Love the outfits!! I had actually never thought about remaking "store-bought" clothing to fit both of my girls! What a great idea!! And your girls are oh-so-cute!!! Love the blue colors!

Nanci said...


I leaving this message for you here, because I'm not sure where else to tell you this. I'm sorry that it doesn't really have anything to do with your post - except maybe sewing.

Anyway, I did the research and posted a list of sewing patterns that have pieces for B, C, and D cups. (Very helpful for the "top heavy" seamstress). You can check them out by clicking on my name.

I know when you posted about the top you made to match the girls, there was quite a discussion on this being a problem with a lot of others of us who sew.

Hope this helps.



Courtney said...

You did great on those matching outfits! Very creative, you are. :)