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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's about time

As good as I am about taking pictures all the time, I am absolutely, positively HORRIBLE at printing them.

I never do.


And this, to me, is very sad. Because my kids are too little to check out my blog right now but I know how much they LOVE to see pictures of themselves.

So I made it my goal to get some pictures up on the wall but I knew I would have to get creative with framing because picture frames were not in the budget (sheesh are they EXPENSIVE at the store!)

I haven't found any frames at yard sales lately (but mental note: even when they are gaudy I am henceforth snatching them up when they are just cents. Every time.) so I had to make due with what I had. But none of the ones I had coordinated and many were...black.

I think photography looks very professional in black frames, but black just really isn't my...thing. (Though it may HAVE to be at some point-as many black frames as I've accumulated.) So....I opted for white and then I went scouring through the barns. And found some old window panes that would be just the ticket.

I painted one white and (since glass costs money) I simply printed out my pictures and laminated them with my laminator. Have I mentioned lately how I love my laminator??

Hung on the wall with my side of the road coffee table, it made for a nice entryway decoration. But. The empty coffee table was a magnet for JUNK when we came in and the wall was a bit too sparse for my liking.

So I added a few things....

I love being able to see my loved ones on the wall. WHY did it take me so long to do this?!?!
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Grandma Bibby said...

It looks so cozy and homey. keep up the good work. I love the picture wall. Can any of your black frames be painted?

Riahli said...

Wow it looks wonderful, what a great idea! Being able to get crafty is so much fun.

Bonnie said...

Wow! 2 posts! I think this looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I *love* the window frame what a great idea! Our hall wall along the steps heading back to the kitchen needs some sprucing up, and I might steal some of your framing ideas!

Nanci said...

The window frame was an absolutely FANTASTIC idea, and the hallway looks,...well, WELCOMING.

You come up with some of the greatest and thriftiest decorating ideas!!!

Davene said...

Hi, Rebecca!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :)

I really, really like the way you decorated this space. Putting a few beautiful things on the bench keeps the clutter away, I'm sure. I have a long bench in our kitchen that is a terrible hot spot for junk; in fact, right now, it's covered with stuff that needs to be sorted and put away. You've inspired me to summon up a bit more strength to tackle it before this "pregnant mama" collapses in bed. Thanks! :)

The "Z" family said...

The window frame idea is so clever...I'd love to have a barn full of "stuff" to scour through and re-purpose! What fun!

Your home is so warm and inviting...a real haven for your family...and you can't buy THAT in a store!!!

Kris Zerby

Elizabeth said...

It turned out wonderfully Rebecca! Now, to come see it in person so I can see the pictures you used up close :)

Jewels said...

Hi Rebecca :o)
Your home looks *so* lovely. Makes me long for the wonderfully warm pine walls in our *old* home, that now seem/s so long ago and far away. And, our home is filled with photos in window frames, too (which I suppose more than compensates for the absence of those warm pine walls. I guess I'd for surely choose the one over the other, eh? ;o). I'm always on the look-out for another lovely old window frame (or unique collage frame, or frame) to adorn with *yet more* photos. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family and your warm cosy home, Rebecca. So beautiful! Oh, and....your tutorial just a while back was *fantastic*. Very sweet of you to take the time to do it. Lovingly, Jewels

Michelle said...

It looks great. :) I know what you mean about putting off printing out photos, meanwhile having a TON on your computer. I am desperately trying to do scrapbooks of each of the kids' first years before THIS baby comes. I ordered 599 prints off of snapfish (hiding my face). Yeah. That is disgusting, isn't it?! :P

Kari @ Ucreate said...

What a darling idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Jenette said...

That is a great idea!