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Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy days?!? HA!

I apologize for missing Foto Friday this past week~I did my first ever two-day yard sale on Friday and Saturday and believe me when I tell you, I've been crazy busy because of it.

Living in the country requires a bit of innovation when it comes to holding a yard sale, you just don't get as many customers as you would in town. Because of this, I held my yard sale on the same weekend as a neighboring auction house was holding an auction. Auctions are an EVENT and people can go just to meet up with neighbors, not even just to buy. I thought if ever I was going to do a yard sale, THIS would have to be the weekend.

A tremendous amount of work but surprisingly no-stress (why have I never set yard sales up the night before and tarped things?!?!) this time, and I am $110.00 dollars richer. Surprisingly, my biggest ticket item was $6.00~ it's amazing how profitable nickel and diming it can be.

So the week leading up to Friday and Saturday were pretty busy and of course, those days followed suite. Sunday, after church we had a picnic/birthday party to attend-with FREE carousel rides and kiddie pool. Fun!

TOMORROW is Adele's fifth (and final) hearing test. I kinda left everyone hanging about the last one, which was a failed test due to machine difficulties-but it didn't fail to overwhelm me a bit. I was sick of thinking about it, sick of worrying about it and sick of talking about it. SO, I stopped. For four months. And I am happy that I did, even though I know lots of people aren't happy about it (Hi Mom! hehehe), because it gave me an opportunity to look at my girl through unconcerned eyes and to see firsthand that she and I love one another (CAN love one another) no more and no less than if she weren't just as she is this very minute. Regardless of hearing status. Regardless of anything. I feel refreshed and ready to hear the verdict, or ready to put it out of our heads, which we have decided to do if this test too is inconclusive. At some point, enough is enough.

It seems to me that unless my mind is playing tricks on me (and Matt's, on him) that Adele' does respond to sounds and such. My gut tells me her "odd" ear is deaf but that she has hearing in her other. But we know now more than ever before that with or without hearing, not only is she fully functioning but she is bright, and sweet and very very dear. So, whatever comes may come and we will not only survive but thrive. And I'll try very hard to clear each bump in the road with as much grace as is possible.

So, that's Tuesday.

and THEN. (HA! You thought I was done?!) On Thursday I am very excited to be hosting an outdoor picnic party at our home, combining lots of great loves. Good food, good friends, children, flowers, picnics...and books. It's a book exchange! I'll give you all the details once I actually MAKE them, which has not yet happened. Which is surprising because there are nearly 100 people invited....3/4 of which are....CHILDREN! It will be fun, of that I am certain.

But it is a large gathering, with many people who have never been to our new home (so you know it must be in shipshape!), will require lots of food, and SHOULD have some preparations...and you KNOW I can't host a party without a bit of frugal, make-do or do-without decorating (read: homemade). Needless to say, I've got my work cut out for me.

Who ever coined the term "lazy days of summer" didn't have a clue.

Likely, I will not be on the blog-scene again until AFTER all the wonderfulness of this week transpires but I WILL be back, hopefully with lots of good book exchange coverage and ideas. In my head--it's gonna be FABULOUS.

(after a bath. Our Bunkin has turned into a little fish, she loves the water so.)

(in case you were wondering what she was looking at...)

(and you KNOW, I couldn't resist....)
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Bonnie said...

Oh how much fun! How did your yard sale do as far as profits? I don't mean for you to tell how much you made, but was it worth the craziness?
Take lots of pictures of the book exchange, I can't wait to see it. No decorating ideas...
Love that sweet little darling girl, praying about the last hearing test.
Lots of love,

Bonnie said...

Oh, if I had read instead of skimming I would have seen... couldn't wait for the pictures :o)

...they call me mommy... said...

Have a wonderful week, Rebecca! :)

Shannon said...

oh I love me some naked baby bum.

Grandma Bibby said...

I will be praying for you tomorrow. I know that you love her dearly no matter the outcome. It is the same with us and Bobby - even if he did cut our visit to Texas way short! God can do miracles, but He also gives many people wisdom on how to help with these problems. Lean on Him, He won't give you more than you can handle. Love you.

Wendy said...

Hi Rebecca,
I too love bare baby biscuits as we call them in our home...ha. I am glad you are going through with the hearing tests...they really are important. I had to take two audiology classes in college, so I have always sort of had an interest in that as well as speech. I hope that the tests show some promise:) Looking forward to the book exchange...100 people(GULP!) if anyone can do it I am sure its you...Have a good week!

Jerelene said...

Rebecca, I will keep your family in my prayers...the picture is adorable..aren't they just the sweetest right after a bath..ahh the smell..all wrapped up and cuddly in a towel. What a sweet time!
I named you in another award! I just wanted to let you know that I just LOVE your blog and that you are such an inspiration to other Mom's out there!!
Take Care this week and enjoy your big party!! I hope it goes smoothly for you...
With Love, Jerelene

Andie said...

As always, your pictures are priceless! Adale is perfect, whole, and a blessing just the way God made her...hearing, non-hearing, whatever....she is who God wants her to be, and she is so blessed to have parents that see that!