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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strawberry Days

Last week the children and I hiked to the strawberry fields to THUNK and PLUNK into pails and baskets.

I hmmed and hawwed because the very day we chose to go, it poured and poured. I opted not to go and then the sky cleared so I hastily changed my mind (the sweet juiciness beckoned) and drove onward.

We gathered our supplies and headed for the fields, popping and plunking to our hearts desire...for about five minutes...before the sky opened up again.

But we were there and our baskets were not nearly filled so we braved the storm, elder two and I getting drenched while baby slept soundly in her stroller with towel tent made above her.

This years price of berries per quart was $1.79 which seems really high to me. I wish I had written down last years' price but I *think* it was $1.27 last year.

Never-the-less, it is better than nothing, I guess.

We ate our fill in fields and then more at home. (Those baskets and pails above were mounded on top when I paid for them.)

Is there anything better than grabbing a fistful of berries at every snacking whim and feeling no guilt? I think not. Neither do the children. They think it is pretty special they are allowed to help themselves without asking first (which in our house, is a rule when the fridge or cupboard gets opened.)

In the hours before dinner Panda said to me "Me not wike stwawbewies anymore cuz dey make me beyey hurt." I laughed because he said it with mouth full of berry.

And it was that way several more times....

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Bonnie said...

I do so love strawberries. I've picked several times, but there is really no-where "good" to go around here. Plus when you can get them for $5 a flat (though they are from CA) at the flea market.... I have strawberry-peach preserves bubbling away on the stove right now, and the worlds crankiest baby on my lap. That will make for a fun day...

Wendy said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am planning to go picking this Friday...your post has me very excited...I hope the weather will hold out for us. I will not venture to do anything more than make freezer jam and snack. I do have a good recipe for pretzel salad which involves jello, and strawberries...I have never used fresh...so I might try that. Happy snacking!!

Jerelene said...

OOh yummy!! Strawberries are the best...I remember getting some of the worst sunburns while picking them as a kid.
Lovely pics..especially the heart shaped one!!
Have a happy tuesday!!
Love, Jerelene

Unknown said...

That is SOOOO cute what your ds said...about NOT liking the berry as he chewed on berries...kids, they are SO CUTE! :)