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Friday, June 12, 2009

The OTHER pillowcase skirt

Remember this pillowcase?

It is a pillowcase no longer.

This was the OTHER pillowcase skirt I attempted. This is also Corynn's favorite. I am almost CERTAIN it is because it is so long and she feels like a lady in it.

But the gorgeous blooms and color combination can't hurt either.

Sometimes the grown-upish-ness of my girl surprises me, especially when it is glaringly obvious in a photograph.

But then~there is always this side of her and that always makes me feel better....


Elizabeth said...

You are becoming quite the seamstress.. Can I be honest? One more thing to be jealous about! :)

Love the skirts, they turned out wonderfully!

The "Z" family said...

This fabric is really beautiful, it is so pretty and feminine...no wonder Corynn loves it.

Great job on the tutorial, too. I still haven't found any pillowcases as pretty as the ones I've seen made up, but I'm still looking.

I wanted to tell you that I started another blog, Something Beautiful, at http://littlepatchofheaven2.blogspot.com where I'm posting some of my creative endeavors, if you want to check it out.

Kris Zerby

The "Z" family said...


Sorry...I gave you the wrong URL...try

Anonymous said...

Love it! I Cant wait to try your other tutorial :) Did you just hem the bottom and make a waist?? Off subject question: do you cloth diaper?

Jerelene said...

Very pretty!! Love the pictures!!
:) Jerelene

Rebecca said...

Linds~ actually, this was the first skirt I tried to replicate so I maed the wedges but because their were so few it looked like I COULD have just hemmed the bottom and made a wait for the same effect.

Cloth diapering. Ah, the big question.

I am VERY schizophrenic when it comes to cloth diapering. Short answer is no. But there are times when I put them on too. I only have about two or three that I got at yard sales though.