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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Baby Celebration

This is John Murray. The Guest of Honor. And I am now suffering new baby coveteousness.

Last nights' post baby shower was for him and his Mama, Ruth. Personally, I blame you Mrs. Bibby, for all these photos. I couldn't stop posting...thinking you might like a glimpse of the little guy-and his Mama-and all the festivities. I hope you enjoy...

Here is the table decked out, in its second class finery. I had grand plans to make a flower cake at best, a nice arrangement of sunflowers at worst-but the time slipped right through my fingers before I knew what was happening. So I stole my pot of mums from my patio and called it good. Desperate times call for desperate measures...

I put popcorn in jars and added a clear glass votive holder to the top. Tied with raffia it was a two-second fix. Quite fitting for our guests of honor, as their family are real popcorn buffs.

Then, I made a flag banner to say CONGRATS and hung it from the ceiling. There. Now that everything is all set, now we just need to wait for our guests of honor...
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Tracy said...

What a lovely shower, Rebecca! You did a great job. The baby is adorable, too!

Christine said...

You did a precious job, Rebecca. He is just too cute. Makes me sad how much my little babe has grown.She is getting downright plump. Blessings!

Mrs. B. said...

Thank you so much for the photos. I am really enjoying them. You are very clever in the decor dept.

Andie said...

Rebecca-I agree that I think we have similar tastes...but you seem WAY more organized and productive than I feel most days.
Adoption is something that has been on my heart probably most of my life. My aunt was a foster mother and helping her care for her little ones made me realize that some children don't have the wonderful home that I grew up with. Haiti has been on my heart for the past year or so. The cost is the biggest obsticle. My hubby also worries that financially we stretch every penny as it is with 3 kiddos...how could we make it work with another? We know that God would provide...but he's just not "there" yet on the adoption thing. Remember there is a $10000 tax credit you could claim the next year or so after an adoption, and there are many grants out there to help...just some thoughts. :-)
I look forward to getting to know you even more in the future! :o)
Blessings to you!-Andie

Andie said...

Rebecca I would be happy to share anything I find about adoption grants and such. It would probably be easier if you sent me an email so I can just email the links back to you.

Anonymous said...

hey there ~

i've seen your name on resolved2worship from time to time - had some time to kill and clicked over here! ended up killing more time than i should. :)

but some fun ideas here - you're quite the chef! and entertainer.. love your kitchen blog! great stuff there - i'll be going back for sure.

thanks for the time well spent. :)

blessings to you ~ amber hutchins (Hutch5 in the xanga world!) :-)

Mom2fur said...

Everything looks so nice! I love your idea about the popcorn candle holders. Very clever! You should link this post to Sew Crafty Friday, LOL! You don't have to participate every week. And any kind of craftiness (like decorating) counts.
Ooooh, and the baby is sooooo sweet!

JoyFULLWifeMom said...

Great and beautiful party.


smilnsigh said...

Thank you so much for telling me, that you can still comment in my blog... with its new header pic. :-) In the past, "troubles" began, with a pic in my Header. -sigh-

You said you read blogs via Bloglines. Which doesn't allow a view of the pretty blogs. Only the normal blase bloglines format.

Get thee to Google Reader!! :-)))) Please do look into Google Reader. I didn't try it, when I thought it only showed the PRINT of blogs. Phoooie! I want pretty, and pics! ,-)

But Google Reader gives you the option to click and get the whole pretty thing! And of course, it shows you when a New Entry has been made in each. And you can put diff blogs in diff folders. It's the coooolest!!!! :-)


Abigail said...

I sure do love that banner.