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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cherry Moments

So...ya wanna see a Bunkin update do ya???

Sure about that???

Actually, that is probably the LAST thing you want to see.

A picture of MY belly is no doubt the furthest thing on your mind right now, but since this is MY blog and MY way of recording things for future reference: and since Baby Bunkin needs to have some 'footage' every now and again, you'll have to suck it up. What you suck is up to you...

How about some cherries? Because that is what I am looking like these days. A plump, juicy, red cherry sprouting feet.

That is what I am looking like, so it is no wonder I am FEELING....

My Bunkin in the oven is about 4 inches crown to rump and is dancing away in my womb, stretching his or her joints, sucking that teeny thumb, clenching fists, and just exploring all the fun s/he can get into while being squished in a dark, round pool of amniotic fluid. Of course, I don't yet FEEL these things...

Very, very soon I am going to have an ultrasound to determine the actual due date. There are some 'issues' as far as that goes that makes it a more questionable thing to determine for me. I am so utterly, completely, wonderfully full of excitement and anticipation because ultrasounds happen to be one of my very favorite things in life. I get to see my sweet babycakes (and I don't even have to endure hours of labor to do it!) I do love technology!

I joke about feeling chubby and looking like a cherry (though the cherry part is actually quite true...) but in truth, I feel great. It is a great gift I've been given, this gift of another pregnancy, and every moment I am reminded of how thankful I am for these cherry, chubby moments.

So, I'll just be happy being me. Flaws, fruit and all.

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Tracy said...

I'd like to see a profile picture!

Rebecca said...

dear me...never content are ye?! ;-) You'll have one. NEXT month.

I have posted the allotment of 'self pictures' for this month in the four posted here.

Father's Grace Ministries said...

I had my first ultrasound for my 3rd pregnancy yesterday and did I get a surprise or what!
I'm not as far as long as you are, as I thought,I'm bigger than normal because I'm having twins- at 40!

Elizabeth said...

I loved this post! I loved reading it, and I loved all the facial expressions (you reminded me a bit of Abby Owen) :) I too cannot wait for your ultrasound!!!!!!! :)

Rebecca said...

Wow! Congratulations Claire! That is incredibly exciting news for you! I am hoping for similar results, but hey-one should suffice too ;-)

Andie said...

You look absolutly beautiful...so happy! I'm glad to see your smile.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful "cherry"! :o)

Chris said...

You look terrific!


Michelle said...

You are a nut...and that is why I am proud to call you my friend! :)

abigail said...

I love that last picture of you, and I love that belly!

I was about five months along with Annika before I had my first appointment, due to some probably similar "issues." Soon!!!