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Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet 16 (and a half)

Didn't want to traumatize anyone with those snake pictures so I popped some Bunkin ones up in a gesture of goodwill toward men.

This week I am in my sweet 16 week. Halfway through it, actually.

As big as my belly is... it is hard to believe a fully formed Bunkin is swimming around at only about 5 inches!

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devildogwife said...

You look absolutely radiant!

Grandma Bibby said...

I agree. You do look radiant. You are just beaming. I can't wait to come when yours and Elizabeth's babies are born so that I can hold them. Some day!!

Andie said...

You are absolutly beautiful! Thank you for sharing your happiness. (The snake..EWWW!)

How is Elizabeth? Any news on her little one? I'm so anxious to see pics...I'm praying for her and the wee one often!


Tracy said...

You look beautiful, Rebecca. When I was 16 weeks I looked like I was due already.

Kelli said...

You are gorgeous, Rebecca! I love the sweet baby bump!

Jana said...

You look beautiful! It's been a while since I have been able to visit. I'm glad to see your pregnancy is going good!

Charree said...

Your pictures are great.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

You are so photogenic, I have to say I'm rather envious. So you wann see pregnant belly pics of me, huh? I'll see what I can do, but they won't be half as stunning as yours:0}.
BTW, love your shoes, where did you get them? I have dipaired finding any nice sandals this year, (size 10 wide or 11? Hah- we don't make shoes for people who already have skis.)but your shoes are darling.

Rebecca said...

You guys sure are an ego boost for me! I was disgusted after checking out the 30 photos I took of myself (yes-thirty.) And only these were ok. NOTHING that I am really proud of. That would require about...40 less pounds. ;-) Thanks for making me feel better!

Mrs. B~ I can't wait for that either!

Andie~ no news yet, though she has been teased a few times!

Tracy~ You DID?!?! THank GOODNESS I am not alone!

IT's good to see you both again, Jana and Charree!

Mrs. Bonnie~ Ha! I've already admitted posting only 3 of thirty-and not being able to stand the other 27! Sooo---POST THEM! POST THEM NOW!!! And-You are size 11?!?! We are finding more and more things in common, m'lady! I shop for 'boats' all the time-and target is usually the place to find them. My feet have gotten bigger with each pregnancy so, let's just say I don't know WHAT I will do after this baby! I bought the shoes I am wearing at Target. The best part is, they are always on super clearance because no one else wears them! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

You look gorgeous, pregnant model pretty- no kidding!!!

abigail said...

You look beautiful!

(And not overly large at all. Nope. Sorry to disappoint you.)

I'm impressed that you even got three shots so nice. I didn't even attempt to take any shots of myself apart from balancing the camera on the bathroom window 'cuz I know my limitations.

These are wonderful!