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Monday, June 02, 2008

Some Maternity Shots

Last week I had the opportunity (through a harried and very eventful day trip) to spend several hours with my sister. We went to the park per my suggestion and we battled very cool weather so that I could get some maternity shots of her. She loves pictures, is obsessed with them, really (though not quite as much as I am) and I am always loving the opportunity to try new things and become better with experimentation.

It is nice being able to experiment on someone, like, say, a sister, who won't laugh at you while you throw your own expanding belly on rocks to get a good angle or ask you to do silly things that don't make sense all for the sake of an interesting shot.

It was a win win situation. I got to practice on someone easy to please and my sister got to have a special maternity session to celebrate the life inside her. (Now you can't say no one has done anything special for you! Ha!) All this with good laughs and visiting to boot!

Here they are, in all their humble state.

As for me, this weekend is somewhat throw-together yardsale so I have LOTS of work to get done. I ought to just give everything away and start from scratch. That would be nice! Especially with all the work of putting on a yardsale staring me back in the face.

Yeah. Maybe I'll just open the door and say
"Come on in-take what you like! Except the babies, of course! And GOOD RIDDANCE!"

Elizabeth~ hope you like some of them. Just let me know which ones you'd like me to print for you.

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Morning said...

What a pretty, old-fashioned looking girl. How exciting that you will have babies at nearly the same time. They'll have such fun together as they grow up.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for taking these pictures Rebecca, The ones on the bench and of myself and the little ones are my favorites!!!

abigail said...

These are wonderful!

You did such a great job, and I'm glad Elizabeth will have such beautiful pictures to look back on.

She is lovely and looks so happy.