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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Renaissance Gardens Plant Profile

After our church's perennial exchange a month ago, I decided I wanted to create a garden journal housing all the information on my newly acquired plantlings. Then, I had to get them in the ground. Then, I had to get some seeds I had started in the ground. Then, life happened. Then, the sky opened up for two weeks and it rained.

Finally, the sun is out and the photos are all taken and I can begin to profile my plants! I am looking forward to sharing these things, and recording them, so that I will know just what to do with them when they need to be transplanted. My memory fails me too often, I am started to wisen up! I'll probably do one plant a week, until I have none left to do!

Here lies the beginning of my own personal Renaissance Gardens Plant Profiles. Oh la la! What a title! :-)

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Bachelor's Button, self-seeding annual

Pineapple shaped buds produce blue "Firework-like" flowers.
Bird, bee, and butterfly friendly!

Blooms: Mid-spring to late summer

Plant Height: 2-3 feet

Plant Spacing: 9-12 inches

Average soil and water needs

Prefers full sun, but still does well with partial shade ( so I have found...)


Kelli said...

I just love the color blue in a garden, great pictures, Rebecca! Thank you for the puppy tips. Our kitty isn't speaking to us right now. ;0)

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful Flower Photography!

Grandma Bibby said...

I have said that I would do this for years, and I have yet to begin. So you are way ahead of me!!

Mom2fur said...

You bring back memories. My very first garden was bachelor buttons, just about 40 years ago!

Sarah said...

This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing! I wanted to drop my and let you know I'm awarding you the Arte Y Pico Award! Your blog has inspired me many times over!

Rebecca said...

Mrs. B~ hey! There is no time like the present, right?!? ;-) Do it now and then I can learn from YOUR garden journal too-and that would be great fun for me! Look at this-I am so SO selfish! :-)

Sarah~ I am so thankful for your visit, your comment, and for your kindness in thinking of me for that award! You are very kind!