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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quiet Time Entertainment

For the littlest one, a book or two to lull eyes closed work wonders.

For the older one~ rest time no longer involves sleep but quiet.

A few lifesavers:

stack of favorite books (naturally)

Audiobooks, "because sometimes I like to read without pictures, Mama." Present Favorite: Heidi

I Spy Books, or Where's Waldo

Paper Dolls

A notebook and pen, marker or writing utensil... for this:

Her idea, not mine. Now I *could* be all frustrated that she is not even trying to sound words out by spelling them.

But I am not.

Because the more she writes, the more proficient she becomes; the better form of letters, the straighter and more uniform size, etc. Most especially, the more her love of the written word grows.

Maybe she isn't reading books yet (like I had hoped), but there is no disputing one of her great loves...and that devotion to the written word is the most important thing of all.
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Kelli said...

We have the same quiet time activities, Rebecca. One of my favorite parts of the day. :0) Thank you for the sweet anniversary wishes!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, my goodness, her handwriting is beautiful for such a little girl! It's nice to see penmanship in the works...so many people don't even bother these days. I think good handwriting is a lost art, don't you?

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again, Becka! I thought you might enjoy this paper doll site:

I used to play with Betsy McCall dolls when I was little, and always looked forward to her appearance in McCall's magazine. Hope you and Corynn have fun with her, too!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the sweet visit to my blog. This particular post of yours really brings back memories for me. I remember Elizabeth doing the same in quiet times. I pushed hard for reading at 4 and I achieved it, but the results were pedantic. I relaxed and she flourished. She's now a voracious reader and quite the writer. You can meet her at elizabethunruh.blogspot.com

I encourage you to let the love of reading develop as love develops best, slowly and personally. All of my girls are avid readers and we never repeated the 4-year-push. Enjoy your sweet moments with your sweet ones. : )

abigail said...

I was impressed with the tidy precision of her letters. She's doing so well!