What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our little babies are growing up!

But the poor little dearies are having a hard time with the heat.

(On a side note: I just realized these last two posts have been entitled "Panting" and "Hot and Heavy." I wonder what sort of weirdos will be stopping by my blog... They're gonna be mighty disappointed when they see these baby bird pictures...)

Back to the birdies:

They are SO hot, they just lie about panting.

I wish I could put drop water into their mouths for them but you know, that just isn't done. Poor things.
The last two batches of robins have not made it to adulthood and so I am especially fond of this little nestful. Proud that they have 'made it'.

Sadly, though, this will probably be the last time I can take any photos of them. They are getting to the point where they notice me, and since they are perched two floors up~ I don't want to startle them out of their nests before they can properly fly away.

I don't open the sliding door nearly as often now, just so as not to disturb them-OR the VERY busy Mama bringing food to her brood.

I do hope this heat lets up soon. For their sake's especially, but mine too!

I never did get my dance in the storm last night. How cruel of the weatherman to be wrong! Today it was to storm off and on, yet the sky is mighty blue out, so I wonder the truth in that statement too.

I am happy (and relieved) to report that I have finally conqured the post yard-sale mess from this weekend! If you would have seen the house, you would know what a huge achievement that was. Not to mention, it was done while I was sweltering in our non-air-conditioned house. That fact alone allows for additional kudos.

The house is in proper order now to invite surprise visitors and I can look around without being disgusted with myself-and my children, for making MORE messes! I have a meal in the crockpot as we speak: I am actually COOKING! Hotdogs and kielbasa has been on the menu for...well...many days in a row. I find it VERY difficult to add to the heat of the house by use of stove or oven. I have made several batches of smoothies with my stash of fruit, frozen from last summer. And ME OH MY are the deeeee-lish!

Oh yeah-and I am nearly done cutting all the pieces to a quilt top made for my Baby Bunkin in the Oven! I hope to get it pieced in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile: I haven't worked on reading with Corynn in ages, though I am OFTEN reading TO her. I wanted her to be able to read by four. Then, I pushed it back to 'by five'. Now, looking at the next few months ahead of me, I am going to have to content to wait until 'sometime before six, hopefully.' Because frankly, I won't have time to devote to her reading skills for the next few months, and her birthday is not too far away. I am thankful for her love of reading, her love of learning, and her devotion to the written word. I praise God that this is so, and thank Him for giving her these gifts despite my shortcomings and failings. I continue to seek guidance and hope for a time when I can be fully confident in my skills as a home educating mother. I hope and pray that in my future, there is a time when I can look back and laugh at these silly walls I am running into-and how I am my own worst enemy. I pray I will flourish as a teacher SOMEDAY and that my children will flourish too, despite my obvious inadequacies.

For now: I thank Him for...

* the grace He has given me to get through the day with SOME checkmarks off my to-do list.

* a hose for watering plants and children

* children who I find have shed their PJ's sometime in the night because it's so hot

* the learning that takes place throughout the day, regardless of set 'school time'

* a daughter who happily gives her pennies to her brother "so he can be rich!"

* a boychild who prays "Da Jeez fo Papa, Mama, Dida, Aah, cwoss, Dutchie, cows. Abas." (Translated: Thank you Jesus for Papa, Mama, Sister, Andrew, the Cross, Dutchie, cows. Amen.)

* the money raised from our yardsale that bought us an air-conditioned dinner at Friendly's!!! and more importantly, the emptying ourselves of 'excess'

* a crockpot

* ice cream and freeze pops

* and a hubby, who works in a hot barn around a herd of hot cows, and comes home smiling still.

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