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Monday, June 16, 2008

Wanna see the House?

So~ here it is, as of three weeks ago. The house we will be moving into. Our HOME. <if you are having problems viewing the slideshow: you can go here for a plain Jane totally out of order slideshow out of my Flicker account. >

Amish men have been working on the house, board by board, paint streak by paint streak since February. There are several Amish men working on it as we speak. As you can see~ there is much to be done. Like.... everything! The kitchen looks more like a junkyard and the bathrooms~ well, I didn't even share pictures of them! No toilets or anything.

I don't know if the house will be ready to be moved into in four weeks. I hope so. SINCERELY hope so. Otherwise, we might be livin' the hotel life for a while. Even if it can be moved into~ it is likely we will be around construction workers for a while longer.

I already consider this place "home". I fell in love from the moment we drove up. I dream about it at night, talk about it during the day, and anticipate the time when we can live in it. There is such beauty in the house, even in the dust piles and peeking insulation. I will enjoy watching the beauty unfurl before my eyes.

In the comments section, my friend Kris shared this poem. I enjoyed it SO much that I would like to share it here for EVERYONE to see. Not to mention: I am going to print it, frame it and hang it where I can read it often. I love it. Thank you for thinking of me-and taking the time to share such a lovely poem Kris! It is so fitting for this new adventure we have embarked on.

by Edgar Albert Guest

The dreamer sees the finished thing
before the start is made;
She sees the roses pink and red
beyond the rusty spade,
And all that bleak and barren spot
which is so bare to see
Is but a place where very soon
the marigolds will be.

Imagination carries her
across the dusty years,
And what is dull and commonplace
in radiant charm appears.
The little home that she will build
where willows bend and bow
Is but the dreamer's paper sketch,
but she can see it now.

She sees the little winding walk
that slowly finds her door,
The chimney in its ivy dress,
the children on the floor;
The staircase where they'll race and romp,
the windows where will gleam
The light of peace and happiness -
the house that's still a dream.

You see the weeds and rubbish there,
and ugliness and grime,
But she can show you where there'll be
a swing in summertime.
And she can show you where there'll be
a fireplace rich with cheer,
Although you stand and shake your head
and think the dreamer queer.

Imagination! This it is
the dreamer has today;
She sees the beauty that shall be
when time has cleared the way.
She reads the blueprint of her years,
and she can plainly see
Beyond life's care and ugliness -
the joy that is to be.


Mrs. Bonnie said...

AHHHH! Rebecca, its PERFECT!!!!!
My computer is in a snit right now, and is only loading a handful of pictures, but I HAD to gush. EEEk, I can't wait to see it after its all finished and you've made it home.
(can you tell I've been combatting nausea and slow computers with way to many chocolate chip cookies?, I'm also stalling about cleaning bathrooms while the babies are asleep. This was a good diversion!)

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Not much to comment, but many tears of joy for you!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Ok, I just saw the rest of the pictures, and I am crying happy tears for you (again, I have been since reading your 1st post last afternoon), it is SO wonderful!

Grandma Bibby said...

How far is it from your mom's place? I am so thrilled for you. I can't wait to come and see it!

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Here's a silly question. I have several (5) of slideshows from myslide, but I've never put music to them because I can't get rid of the music video that plays in the corner. How did you do it?

Terri said...

I love it!!!! It's got wonderful potential and the woodwork is terrific. That will be an amazing house.

Rebecca said...

Mrs. B~ it is about 25 minutes away from Mom's house. If/when you come, you will surely have to come!

Jean Marie~ I have not ever used myslide. This slideshow is created at slide.com Maybe your answer is there?

Mrs. Bonnie~ I love your enthusiasm! Thanks!

devildogwife said...

There is soooooo much potential there. I love it! Yes, lots of work, but oh so much fun to be had. Congrats!! I'm so happy for you. :)

Mrs. MK said...

Lovely home!!! (and by the way.....I've seen (and bought) worse!)

Andie said...

It looks so wonderful!! I can't wait to see how you gussy it all up! What a wonderful blessing!


PS...Did you like Abbie's fishy dress? Bethany has the matching one! :o)

Tracy said...

I am so happy for you! This house is GORGEOUS!!!!! And the Amish work quickly so I think you'll be okay! What great woodwork! EEEKKK!! Wish I could give you a big hug, help you pack, move you in, and help you unpack. Then stay up late talking and eating and drinking while our muscles ached from the hard work, and we wee giddy with exhaustion. Yep... if I were closer, that's just what we'd do!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I'm very happy for you. The house looks like it will be magnificent once all the dust clears! Please tell me, what is the name of that white flower in the next post, the one titled "all in due time..."? It is so pretty.

Rebecca said...

Andie~ I did!! I didn't realize they had MATCHING ones! How cute is THAT?!?

Tracy~ Oh! How I wish it could be so!

Anonymous~ that flower is from a mandevilla plant. The flowers ARE lovely. When first opening the petals have a pinkish hue~ but when the petals fullly unfurl, they are all white with a yellow center. It is a vine plant. It has become a favorite of mine!

Morning said...

Oh, it's lovely -- and it will be just perfect when it's done. "Rebecca's House of Dreams"

Elizabeth said...

The inside is amazing, and the outside has much potential! No wonder you were drooling and praying!! :) I am SO looking forward to you coming back our way again and I'll be praying that the packing and moving will go smoothly!

Anonymous said...

A whole new adventure....may God bless you each and every step of the journey!

Crystal in Pahrump

Christine said...

What a darling house! I love the hardwood floors and arched doorways!Blessings!

abigail said...


Okay, maybe I'm dripping with a wee bit of jealousy right now... Don't worry, though, my excitement for you guys wins out over the jealousy. :)

This house is beautiful! It belongs to the type of old homes that I always gush over when we drive past, but then I always immediately think of the impossibility of renovating them without loads of money. What an amazing blessing that someone ELSE is doing the work for you before/as you move in! I am so excited for you! Plus, Amish workers?!!?!! God really couldn't have given you a better gift than true craftsmen working on your home in preparation for your arrival.

When we first talked to my brother about home design and construction, he quickly steered me away from anything but your standard rectangle/pre-fab shape because anything else requires more beams and more money than we'd have. This is one beauty of old homes. Their architecture is full of so much originality and interest.

I love the twist of stairs, the large, bright, airy rooms, the arched doorway, the wide entry, the stunning woodwork, the wood flooring, the huge windows, the cupola, the shape of the house from the outside, the gorgeous trees... I'll stop gushing now. Lovely! What a dream. I am excited for your future in this home, and I will happily visit you there!

Let us know when you need help with anything at all!

Liana said...

Rebecca -
Wow! The woodwork is fabulous - it'll be absolutly PERFECT for you & your family!
So happy for all of you!

"For He is able to do MORE than we could ever ask or imagine..."

Bridget said...

Hi :) I found your blog from "Sew Crafty Friday" and wanted to say hello! I can't wait to read more! I went and looked at your house pix and it looks AWESOME!!! I'll be your scullery maid! Oh wait... did I tell you I have a husband and 5 children? Do you think we'll all fit up there?? hehe I love your burp clothes! And "Bunkin" made me smile because my oldest nephew used to call his teddy bear "Bunkin" because he was trying to say "Pumpkin" and then it just stuck! And I agree... you just can't have too many "darlings"!!! Nice to meet you! :) Bridget

Rebecca said...

Hi Bridget! We'll make room for ya! ;-) Thanks for stopping by-hope to get to know you much better!