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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Plant Profile: Lamb's Ear

*Newly transplanted division* ~they get much bigger with wider leaves as they grow

Golly, they sure are SO SOFT! No wonder they have a name like Lamb's ear, they feel just like one!

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Lamb's Ear, perennial

Soft, silvery green leaves are what make this plant incredible, not the flowers. The flowers are purplish/violet spikes and only slightly fragrant, not beautiful~ but the bees love them. Flower heads can be plucked off to encourage foliage growth. This is perfect for a child's garden, thanks to the extremely soft texture!

Height - 6 - 8"

Spacing: 12-15 inches

Exposure: Full Sun / Partial Shade

Bloom Period: Late Spring into Early Summer

Seeding: self-seeds well. To save (or share) seeds, allow seedheads to dry on plants, then remove and collect seeds. Can also be divided by rootball-and ought to be every few years to rejuvenate the plant.

Notes: Lamb's ear plants look better paired with something, or as edging. Purple flowers are complimentary to the silvery, soft leaves.

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