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Friday, June 27, 2008


It's Friday again...and that means, SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY!!!

Baby season is upon us once again! Here is one of the baby gifts recently made.

Corynn picked the dress out at the store and I went with it~ mainly because I knew I had coordinated yarn at home that I could use to make some coordinated booties!

I have this great book with lots of different bootie styles and I actually bought it BECAUSE of this pair. The book is:

Love the unusual colors for a baby. I LOVE pastels, don't get me wrong, but the bright colors make it unique! I have a few more sets of these in my future, I think.

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Mom2fur said...

That's gonna be one 'best-dressed' baby! The colors are just gorgeous. Matching homemade booties to a store-bought outfit is a brilliant idea!

Leah said...

The booties are adorable! I really need to decide on some projects for this new little one. She/He will be here in only a few short months! Are you working on any projects for Bunkin?!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! That is a brilliant idea!

Grandma Bibby said...

Hey, I recognize that yarn. Did you finish that dress you were making at my house? I would love to see Corynn model it in a picture on your blog when you do.

Terri said...

Love the dress and the booties. What a great match!

Rebecca said...

MRs. Bibby~ it was actually a shirt~ and yes. That just happens to be NEXT Friday's Sew Crafty project! ;)

Gina said...

Great booties. I absolutely love the colors. Great job.

Miranda said...

Hi Rebecca,
I found your blog via Sew Crafty Friday. I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Your pics are so sweet and I love your projects.

I nominated you for a creative blog award. I hope you will accept. The rules are posted on my blog... www.lifeonhackberryroad.blogspot.com

I've bookmarked your site and can't wait to visit again.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely cute, Rebecca! :)

Mandie said...

Sweet! That's crocheted, right? I'm a knitter, but it seems like you can do lots of cool things when you crochet. I want to make a poncho one day, but I think the best looking ones are crocheted. Anyway, you did a great job!

Mom2fur said...

I was so happy to see Miranda nominated you for an award! Your blog is so sweet and you deserve it...congratulations!

abigail said...


Thank you so much for using your nimble fingers for our good. Let Corynn know that she picked a winner, too! :)

I need your new address to send a proper thank you note, but perhaps I'll see you to give it in person.