What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Plants and a TIP

On the way to the bridal shower, on Saturday, I noticed a sign reading "Rummage/Bake/Plant Sale 9-2pm"

After the shower was over and the clean-up was done, I RUSHED out the door, with only 20 minutes to spare. I got there just in time, it seems. The rummage sale was worthless ($5.00 books? Please.) but the plant sale was a hit. Because it was nearly closing time, when I went to pay for a few flowers I had picked, I was 'gifted' an entire flat of different herbs!

Some of the purchased treasures?

A lilac start (some of you may remember my infatuation for lilacs...finally, I have one of my own!)
Begonias, orange and pink
a container of chives

Some of the gifted items?

More chives
pineapple speariment
apple mint
Today I get to enjoy the sunshine and transplant them! Oh-how my fingers LOVE the dirt!


Now for a TIP. Maybe everyone knows this, but JUST in case you don't, I figure I would share it. Many people don't realize how hardy geraniums are. Some say they are annuals but I will have none of it. Others, I have read, think that you must dig them up, shake off the dirt and hang them upside down in a cool, dark place during winter months. That is getting CLOSER to the truth-but still, too much work for me.

All you have to do to enjoy your geranium plants year after year, is to cut them off at the base when they have stopped blooming. Put a paper bag over the pot and forget about it. Once spring has sprung-take the bag off, put the pot in the sun and water. When yo utake off the bag, you will see new shoots that are WHITE. These will eventually turn green once they get into the sun.

Now LAST year, I was even too lazy to put paper bags on them-I didn't have any at the time. I didn't even cut them off at the base. I just threw my pots in the garage.

I unearthed them yesterday and brought them out into the sunshine. This is what it looks like.

Because our garage has a window, the shoots are green and one has even blossomed! It will grow large, healthy and vibrant now that it is outside.

So-don't think of geraniums as annuals ANY LONGER. If you have an itch for color-get geramiums-you will enjoy them for years to come!

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land... Song of Solomon 2: 11,12

Grocery trips are always fun

In every place we shop, Corynn has her favorite spots.

Wegmans-they give away free balloons, so if we shop there-we head straight to customer service.

Giant-they give away free cookies...so that is the first stop. During our trip, we must also visit the lobster tank. That is a must.

Walmart-oh, WALMART is like an amusement park to my three year old! They have lobster tanks and free cookies like Giant, but they ALSO have their own mini aquarium (fish tanks to study), greenhouse (plants to look at), and her FAVORITE spot in Walmart? Looking at pattern books in the craft section. I think that is too cute. We both look through the patterns-or I let her sit there while I meander through their craft, yarn, and fabric selections.
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Look! We're twins!

Can you imagine?!?!?

Maybe someday I will have some. In the meantime, I am just happy to have ONE Corynn.
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I am not unaccustomed to stopping along the side of the road to enjoy something extraordinarily beautiful, a close-by animal, or to take a fun little jaunt. In fact, I am known for dropping what I am doing at the drop of a hat. So, when we passed this beautiful field of pink trees on the way to the store, conveniently nearby a pulloff, I knew we would have to stop on our way home. Oh-how GORGEOUS these trees were!

I am always trying to make mental notes of when things bloom, because in my SOMEDAY HOME, I want there to be something in bloom at ALL times. I think we shall have to have one of these pink trees for Little Miss Corynn.
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Old school bus, hiding out

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Before leaving, we gave our heart to one another.

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Called to the side of the road once more

We were on our way to a local Amish greenhouse; we had just passed some beef cows and their calves (too far away to picture-hehehe) and I was exclaiming over how GOOD it is to see springtime babies about, when we passed this Mama and her colt near the fence. Being raised by Amish, I knew that they were probably very friendly and calm. So-you know I HAD to stop. Corynn loves animals of all kinds-but horses and cows hold special places in her heart.

These were very friendly and let us rub them down pretty good. Two stops in one day-what fun!

Don't worry-I taught Corynn the proper way to feed a horse eventually. :-)
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

More than rain showers

I was crown-folding napkins and doing other such bridal shower preparations late into the night last night. I got a few hours sleep and then started at it again early this morning. One of yesterday's all-day-long projects were petit fours. Man, was THAT an exasperating experience!

It took nearly 40 minutes straight of beating in order to ensure a soft sponge consistency. But that was okay-because it WAS light as air. I cut the squares, filled them with homemade strawberry jam, and all was well. I got a picture, I was so proud and things were going so smoothly.
But... then. I had to ice them.

THAT is where it got sticky (no pun intended...) I will probably never make them again. The icing didn't catch on the sides. The ones that DID coat, dried to the rack and split when I lifted them up. The ones that couldn't be iced, in a last ditch attempt, I dunked in chocolate but many of those split their layers too.
Needless to say, I was frustrated and wound up taking 1/3 of that airy sponge with me. I defrosted some sugar cookies and iced them with the coordinating colors too-only to fill up the platter I was taking with me.

Here is the picture of the happy little cakes that were so sweet and evoked such excitement in me.

Here are some of the nasty little icing monsters that I ended up with.

All is forgiven with a chocolate fountain, though.

If I bombed (only in my perfectionist opinion) in the food department, at least I did alright in the decorating department. Then again, how can you go wrong with fresh flowers and delicious smelling candles? The colors were pale blue and dark brown. For the drink table centerpiece, I brought along a few of my blue glass bottle and put a different flower in each one. I scattered river rocks in a pile here and there for interest and lined the folded napkins along the back.

Here is the BIG arrangement, making the gift table nice and elegant! Light blue delphinium and white spray roses married nicely with the blossoms I cut from our backyard trees.

I do so love parties. It is so neat to see the excitement just bubble forth from these bride-to-be's. It will be five years of wedded bliss this August and yet-I remember all too well that same giddyness. I STILL feel it sometimes. Makes me want to get married again.

Same guy, same colors, same day-just years later. PROBABLY NOT same dress. ;-)

Maybe for our 10 year?!?!

Friday, April 27, 2007

For the sake of the future me...

Yesterday was the start of my cleaning frenzy and after working on my own kitchen, I noticed Little Miss Corynn's kitchen was in a bit of disrepair.

This is her little kitchen 'Hoosier Cabinet'. I got it at a yard sale for $3.00 last year-it was terrible with markers and pen writing everywhere and horribly ripped (and UGLY!) contact paper all over it. I cleaned it up a bit and was going to paint it but I sort of like the darkwood! hehehe I save empty spice bottles, small grocery containers-ANTYHING pint sized, to add to her cupboards. She now can play grocery store OR kitchen very easily!>

It was naptime and so I decided I would just do it. When I got there-I couldn't believe what I saw! That little stinkpot was swiping MY kitchen supplies and apparently, using them as her own! She had quite a collection stashed in there-my kitchen scrub brush, an ice cube tray, an oven mitt, even a FULL bottle of spices! I can only laugh to think of how many times she has followed behind me picking up things I have put down!

Even a stash of dishtowels, wadded in the corner!

I especially liked the soup she had been making!

How's THAT for a show and tell?!?! hehehe

So many times I vaguely recall something cute that happened-but since I had never written the details down...they escaped my memory. Lots of Corynn's toddlerhood has been lost and probably Panda's babyhood too. The above incident will be filed in my memory under 'Fun to Recall'. Here are a few more memory worthy tidbits.

(Pretails: At our house, you must ask to be excused from the table after every meal.) Yesterday, Corynn asked to paint so we got all the supplies out I let her have at it at the table. Six pictures and forty minutes later, she asked "Mama, may I be excused?"

Yes, Corynn. You can be excused from COLORING! HAHAHA

(Pretails: Corynn has a very large vocabulary and has a rather grown-up demeanor about her, so on the very rare occasion that a word has more a baby pronunciation, my ears happily lap them up. Lest I forget, here is a double dose)

When we pack lunches for the store and she runs to get her backpack exclaiming "I've got my packpack!!", I always have to smile.

The other day though, was a REAL winner and made me chuckle aloud. She lined up smarties into a weavy form and called it a callapitter.

About a month ago, the weather was sunny and warm-a good change from the rain we had been having. We were riding in the car when I heard her say to Andrew, "Isn't today just SO gorgyfull?" She mixed together gorgeous and beautiful. That happened ONCE and she has since mastered both words. Although-I kinda liked gorgyfull.


Here is a proud Panda moment, so as not to leave him out.

Yesterday we were in the basement and he began crawling away from me. Every few 'steps' he would turn around, heartily wave and say "BAH!" I thought-WOW-he said BYE! That is great! That little bit would have made me quite happy. But then...

He reached the end of the room, turned around, and began crawling towards me. Every few 'steps' he stopped, waved, and said "HA!" Double wow. He knows the difference between HI and BYE! Good job Panda dear!

And since I am on a roll...here is a moment that I mustn't ever forget or take for granted. My biggest darling deserves a spot in my internet memory as well. It involves dishwasher powder.

I always buy the biggest containers of everything because they are most often the least expensive. I got so sick of hauling a huge box of dishwasher powder from under the sink (a place where recyclables overwhelm) every time I ran a load. I started keeping the box on the counter, but hated that because it was an eye-sore and made the kitchen appear haphazard and unkempt. So, I went to Target and got this nice big glass jar for $4.99 and filled it. Then I put a nice metal scoop in there-and VOILA. Problem solved. Here is where Mattie comes in.

He comes home from work, gets a drink from the kitchen and says. "HEY! What's THIS?" He inspects it and then turns to me and says "What a GREAT idea, Sugarbear. It's practical and elegant!"

I thanked him and then he took a shower. Then I thought. Wait a minute. What GUY would notice a small change like that, let alone five minutes after getting home? That alone was neat. The fact that he complimented me was over the top. He was enthusastic and encouraging to me, even in my small endeavors to make our home more lovely and efficient. Made me think...

I have got one SPECIAL guy!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not soon enough.

Thus concludes my slew of vacation pictage. Now that I have bored and apparently, LOST all my blog readers! After all- this was no vacation to a gorgeous white sand, turquise seas beach. Nor was it an exciting vacation to Disneyworld or Europe. Nope. Just a few hours away seeing the people we USED to see all the time. Kind of boring to everyone except family.

But-had to include them so that when my chillins grow up they can look back and see-HEY, we DID leave the house every now and again for a destination other than Walmart! :-)

I never thought I would say this, but I am kinda SICK of pictures right now. (Or at least for a day or two.)

For those faithful few who continue on, and especially those who have graciously commented on these rather mundane pictures, I thank you.

Mis Padres

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Cake and Present time

I just love those top two of Mom in the process of candle-blowage and then afterward. The funniest part was that the wind blew the candles out before the cake even reached her.

Corynn strung beads with a REAL needle, ALL BY HERSELF (you know I am a mother of a youngster when I say ALL BY HERSELF) for a birthday present for Nanny. She worked on for almost two hours. She was so careful she didn't spill a single bead. She was so proud of herself and SO excited to give Nanny the present.

Remember that peachy, crocheted rose? Well-here is the unveiling. I made my mom a tablecloth for her birthday with a quilted top, appliqued tulips and embroidered stems. I folded it nicely, wrapped it with the crocheted peach rose and tucked in a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage. I am not sure how my mom will NOT do something for 30 minutes, but at 50 years old, I think she finally deserves a sit down.

Here is a close-up of the top.


Cameron could be Corynn's brother. He looks just like me with blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Instead, he is Corynn's UNCLE. (LONG story involving eventual adoption) But in this picture, he looks like he could be her Beau.

I think she might be a *bit* confused.

Actually it is I who is a bit confused- WHO TAUGHT HER THAT LOOK, ANYHOW?!?!?!
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A few flower pictures to break things up a bit...

Mom got these flowers delivered in the GREATEST basket vase. I was all over them like a bee on honey! Gorgeous gift Jonathan and Jessamyn!

You wouldn't BELIEVE how HARD it was to get these pictures. The wind was blowing very hard and frustrating nearly every attempt. Argh!

Something about this white one just captivated me. I couldn't pinpoint the reason until Mrs. Bibby said it is a double layer one. DUH! That is exactly what made it so special! I don't know that I have ever SEEN double layer tulips before...

For Mom and Mrs. B~

I don't know which of these I like better, so I post both. Perhaps each will have a different opinion. Either way,
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You decide...

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