What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Crafting On

MAKING: I decided to set aside my other project (since it is being troublesome and also because it is size 6 months) and get a quick something done up for Cricket to wear home from the hospital.  I was intending to sew up a kimono something like Adele's coming home outfit but then opted for the even quicker route.  I feel lazy about it- but not guilty.  I blanket stitched around those super cute little kimono onesies to match a pair of fox pants I got for a buck on clearance. Then I crocheted up a quick bonnet (when Matt saw he said "Ummmm...boys don't wear bonnets."  And I said, "This is a BOY bonnet so it is totally okay." 

I used Feels Like Butta yarn because I *love* the feel and texture of it but that gray ball was a bonafide headache to start.  It didn't unravel well at all and got so twisted and knotted up (and, I discovered as I tried to unknot, had SEVERAL open ends and several knotted together cut ends) when I first began that I wound up cutting off two balls that were somewhat intact and throwing away the rest of it.  A brand new skein of yarn!  (I NEVER do it- but I seriously wanted to kill it after hours of trying to unwind and unknot it.)  Maybe I will have enough of the leftover bits to crochet some matching booties.  The orange yarn is also Feels Like Butta and I didn't have that trouble with it- so maybe the gray was just a fluke. 

READING: Just started The Shaping of the Christian Family: How My Parents Nurtured My Faith by Elisabeth Elliott.   It's a bit different than I thought it would be- more autobiographical and less directional but I'm enjoying it.  It is one of those books I've had on my shelves for a long time and it feels good to just get to it already! 

DOING:  All the little jobs I've been trying to get through before Cricket comes.

  • Cleaning the Spare Oom and rearranging
  • Sorting books and cleaning School Room
  • Bringing in the cradle and fixing up/cleaning the very-disgusting bedding that cats had used for cozy beds in the Granary.
  • Fixing up the cradle and mattress
  • Getting the bin of newborn stuff out
  • Making some gifts and mailing them off
  • Spiffying up the big van that my parents are letting us use so our whole family can FIT in the same VEHICLE!  We bought some rugs and air-fresheners to make it smell like us.  ;-)  (We should have just junked it up a bit with old shoes and books...that would have been a more authentic scent.)
  • Canning tomatoes
  • Dehyrading cherry tomatoes
  • the going-home outfit

 Every time I finish a job I think "There!  Now Cricket can come!  I really wanted to get that done ahead of time!"  and then I find something else to do that I would really like to get done ahead of time.

The chill in the air makes me think I should start the summer/fall switch but you know what?!  THAT is where I put my foot DOWN.  We can all wrap in blankets or wear last years' coats that still hang in the mudroom before I haul a bunch of clothing bins to the house with this gigantic, aching belly. 

And THAT is final. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Camping Trip




Camping out at the in-laws pavilion and lakefront property (just a hop, skip and jump down the road.  AND free!) for a weekend wasn't exactly RELAXING for a pregnant Mama just three weeks shy of giving birth. 

Camping requires days of food prep, packing vanfuls of stuff, setting up vanfuls of stuff, taking down and unpacking vanfuls of stuff and of course...sleeping on a thin air mattress in a teeny tent with a three year old. 

But the idea was to get away from our house (and all the projects there to be done) and get the husband and children to spend time together, relaxed and chillin' like lake villians.  I think that was accomplished.  I got to see a lot of smiles anyway.

So...while it wasn't super relaxing for ME... it was all worth it in the end.

Added bonus:  there was tubing with Grandpa's boat!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Crafting On

I finished Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcey in record time because, it is a book that I couldn't seem to put down!  So incredibly astute, it helps to put a finger on the underlying philosophies that our culture is adopting as we practice this sort of a 'personhood worldview' in relation to current cultural ideologies of transgenderism, homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, hook-up culture, etc.   The author speaks to the fact that modern liberal views of these issues actually REJECTS science for subjectivity.  Man.  EVERYONE needs to read this book! 

I also finished The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton.  It was entertaining- the first few chapters had me enraptured.  So many times I felt myself grinning, imagining a jovial Chesterton, belly shaking with guffaws at his own descriptions.  I'll admit, the ending of the book had me feeling a bit bewildered and mentally out of breath but it continues to marinate in my mind a week later.  Which, in my mind, makes for a truly good book.  Someday I may understand it better.  But maybe not too. 

Now I am on to The Household and the World for the Cosmos by C. R.Wiley.  This too, is an excellent book.  I feel like I have hit on some goldmines the last few books I've read and it has been pure pleasure!  It's a short book and I doubt will take me long to get through- I always bring books (and my yarn basket) to my prenatal appointments and since I am now classified as 'advanced maternal age' (at 37 years old, a-hem), let's just say those appointments aren't scarce.  So a new book will be coming soon.  I hope I can keep the string of awesomeness going!

Reading isn't the only perk of being a geriatric expectant mother!  It also means ultrasounds!    Whose that little person peeking out of the corner?!  I sit and stare in wonder at that picture of Cricket ever day.  It is weird to me that I basically know what this child looks like before he even leaves my belly.  Ultrasound technology blows my mind.  Even moreso, that God created that little person and He created WOMEN, to be able to house, protect and grow said little people. How incredible is that?!

Coming back around to the beginning of this post, we ought to LOVE THY BODIES because they were created for us by a Master Craftsman for an ultimate purpose and He gives us the tools required to fulfill those purposes, that we might be craftsmen too.

Still trying to recreate this Amazon Romper using the ravelry pattern called the Lesley Sunsuit.  Since  even FOLLOWING a pattern can be difficult for me, creating my own pattern alterations feels a bit like I have bitten off more than I can chew.  The Lesley sunsuit has no buttons at the crotch and that seems like a really helpful addition.  The Amazon romper has buttons but lacks the ribbing around the legs which I like.  Trying to do both on my own is proving to be a challenge.  Also- I think I made the granny square too big for the size of the bloomer.  Ah well.  The more I muddle through these issues, the more I learn from them, right?

My hope is the years of muddling through projects may result in some day, things coming a bit more easily for me.  Maybe in time for the grandbabies.  ;-)

PS.  70% Lindt Chocolate Truffles are seeing me through all the desserts and deliciousness I have to turn down that people are eating all around me.  Except!!! Those are my last two and I told myself I am not going to buy myself ANY MORE

Correction: last ONE.  (yum)

knitting and crafting along with these ladies

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


This summer has been so chock full of activities, it is flying by in a whirlwind.  Parties to host, parties to attend, things on the calendar.  It's kinda crazy.

And it isn't winding down!

Here are a few photos from the last few to get me (and this blog) caught up...though mercifully, not many!  Too busy for photos when you are having fun, I guess!

An Ice Cream Sundae sort of Sunday:

(Probably the boys' favorite shin-dig of the bunch!)

It's not a party until the firework box blows up and catches on fire.

NOW it's a party!


The Newunion

The day was 96 degrees miserable so I made sure to do as much prep and cooking BEFORE the party to keep things as comfortable as possible on the day.  I didn't want any guests to be fried and I didn't want MYSELF to be fried either.

It worked out amazingly.  

Reason # 4659 that I have children:

The little one on the end was the quality control officer... she took her job very seriously.

My favorite part of party prep- the flower bouquets for the tables.  

Apparently, Ineke takes after her Mama.  

She was a good little helper, though a few flowers' heads were sacrificed in the making of the bouquets.

The most remarkable thing about this party was that, despite people coming for supper the night before and despite the party being that afternoon, we were able to hightail it outta there and head to Matt's parents' lake for an hour swim right when I am usually going INSANE trying to get everything done.

I never thought I would EVER be swimming at a lake a few hours before I was hosting a party!  I still can't believe it, actually.

That's what being crazy a few days beforehand will get you.

It was just what I needed to cool off and get refreshed and ready for all the last minute stuff.

By the end of the night, I was so relaxed and chipper and perky...

Oh wait.  Who am I kidding?  

Are those weird perfectly rectangular light irregularities and lines horrible photoshopping evidence?


This photo is the real deal:

Slightly less perky and chipper.  Still pretty relaxed though.


A Cricket Shower

My brother and sister-in-law hosted a little family Cricket shower for this babe o' mine.   As anyone with six children knows, by the time the 6th comes around- things are looking pretty dingy.   Cricket got some very nice crisp and clean things to wear but the best gift of all was knowing this this 6th child is being celebrated.  Welcomed.  Anticipated.  Rejoiced over.

As every single child should be.

That was the greatest gift to me of all.

When I arrived, I realized that my camera battery was almost stone dead.  Here are the few pictures I was able to get before it gave up the ghost.  I never even got a picture of the sweet hosts.  :-(

It's been a full summer, but oh, so good.