What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
~T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"

Just a few days until a new year begins. 2007. Wow. I remember as a little girl, thinking that when (and if) the world reached the years above 2000, people would be floating about in hovering vehicles and wearing silver and rainbow jumpsuits and dancing with holograms. (Perhaps too much Startrek!) Now, here I am in 2007, and it all seems pretty much the same. (Which is good, because I would much rather be dancing with Matt or my children than with holograms!) For fun, I took a peek at last year's resolutions post and not-to-surprisingly, found that my goals will be followed through with this coming year as well.

It was nice to gauge how well I did this past year. Here is an overview:

Healthy Living:

1) I have worked on this-but admit also to having eaten quite a LOT of pizza since we moved here. I would like to change that this coming year. Not so much pizza and continuing on in this goal! There is STILL lots of work to be done!

2) With Andrew and the move, I haven't been consistent here until Matt began his new job. I have now gotten into the routine (with the exception of a few days) to wake up with him, make his lunch and send him off, exercise, computer, devotions and shower before the kids wake up. I need to work on maintaining my focus though. Just in time to feel like I accomplished this goal a bit! :-)

Gaining Expertise:

1) I have experimented with alternate lighting situations, but am still not entirely happy with the results. I want to continue in this focus as well as on textures and architecture.

2) Regretfully, I didn't even TOUCH this one. Excuses can be made-and good ones. Rather, I will simply say that THIS year I will focus more on this one!

3) Slamdunk! I did TRIPLE the canning I did last year, experimenting with canning FRUIT (outside of jellies) and doing some different types of pickles and relishes. But there is LOTS more to do-even canning meats, which will be a VERY new thing to me.

4) Well, one out of two ain't bad...right?

Responsibilities to Matt:

1) I need a lot of help here...but now is the time to REALLY buckle down. Especially with the dream of purchasing a home. At least we have been able to reestablish a small 'nest egg'.

2)I have been packing his lunches but have fallen short in dinner preparations. (See:pizza.)


1) Ba humbug. I guess I had entirely forgotten about THIS one, because no organizing plan has been put into action. But, it is a GOOD goal-and so I am not giving up on it yet!

Christian Strength-Training

1) Well, I have failed MISERABLY on this one so in the coming year, I can only get BETTER, right?

That is how I *did* last year. Some areas show real progress-some need some serious help. But ALL need work-even still. But you know what? Life would be SO BORING and mundane if I were where I needed to be. Right? So, these focus goals are on my list this year as well, with special focus on those things that I BOMBED last year.

Matt works this weekend and so we are going to stay home from New Years. Just as well, too. Tonight we are heading uptown to stock up on candy goods because this week (probably New Year's Eve) we are going to have our annual Gingerbread decorating contest...and guess who will be the judges?!?! YOU WILL! :-) How's THAT for pressure! So come back next week so you can judge for us!

Then, on New Year's Day I will be putting the Christmas decorations away. I hate that. I really truly wish I could keep them up all year-or at least all winter. Probably it is a GOOD thing, not having an artificial tree-or I WOULD! After that, the birdies will be getting a special treat-which will be detailed next week as well so check back. I am VERY excited about this!

Well, that is all the news here today. Have a very happy and safe New Year's celebration! I thank God for the health, love, protection and happiness of the last year and praise Him for the gift of a new one!

Friday, December 29, 2006


Yesterday, the children and I dropped Papa off at work so that I could have the car. Lots of things to do-all of which required a car. We spent an excruciating 8 hours uptown but we got lots accomplished including but not limited to...

*buying Christmas presents for all the CHILDREN of the family for next year. (Target's toys were 50% off. Ha! BIG suprise!) Someone even commented on my cart, saying I must have gotten a lot of gift cards. HA! Joke's on YOU!

*Getting replacement social security cards

*Restocking our kitchen shelves

*Getting a few clothes for next year for the kiddos including the matching hat/slipper combos above. Are they not the CUTEST things ever? I LOVE matching kids-but it can be a bit more difficult for boy/girl. Ah well.

*Returning some long-awaited items (no-not Christmas gifts...)

*Explaining to Corynn the difference between african american hair and her hair-Let me just say, it involved a very impatient and not too friendly lady, a curiously blunt girl and a wee bit embarrassed Mama.

*Picking up NINE junior frosties (we had bought a $1.00 booklet of coupons for 10 free frosties and still had nine left.) Half of them were immediately consumed, the other half await their destiny in our freezer.

* Spraining Corynn's ankle or at least hurting it so bad she has been crawling around like a baby to go places.

But-on a happy note.

Corynn was eating her lunch of soup and crackers and I was unloading my dishwasher when she suddenly said...

"Mama, do you know how much I love you?"

Me: "No Corynn. How much DO you love me?"

Corynn: grinning sheepishly... "I love you MORE than... this cracker!"


Wow. Thanks!

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This morning's sunrise

We can see the sunrise from our kitchen, if we look beyond the trees. Even broken-up glimpses are too beautiful to describe. Posted by Picasa

Any babies with those toys?

Andrew got a lot of neato bathtoys for Christmas. Much better than the getting-moldy ducks we DID have. They had to try them out that very night! Posted by Picasa
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Cookie glimpses

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Christmas Outfits

Didn't get to 'show them off' though, since both kids were sick enough to miss church. They managed a smile though. Posted by Picasa

Vintage Tea

Grandma's house has these great vintage tea pieces that Corynn adores. They used to be Linda's when she was a girl. With the addition of a few freshly baked cookies, a tea party (or several) is inevitable. Posted by Picasa

Tote-ally Cool

Nothing better for a Mama than to get a tote bag big enough to house your children-plus a few more, just in case! Posted by Picasa


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Tuckered out

And still we travel onward...to Nanny and Poppy's! Posted by Picasa

We are a P.D.A family

And yes, my parents are still in love over 30 years later... Posted by Picasa

Lil Angel

A smile between doses of Tylenol Posted by Picasa


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This is the photo that Matt told me I am unphotogenic. It made me feel better. I look awful, terrible, yucky and huge in this picture-but I can't get rid of it because the look on Matt's face is one that I love love love to see-and it is rare to capture it on film. I am so in love with him. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boring to Most

Today's pictures are taken from Christmas Eve morning at Gary and Linda's house. I was gifted the rare opportunity to get out alone since both children were being preoccupied. I was so thankful because there was a gorgeous fog weighing down upon the earth and I wanted to try and capture it on film. So I headed out, camera in hand, to walk in the heavy air and see glory in the beauty of the scene. As I headed back home, the sun began to shine-so I got out just in the nick of time. The following entourage of photos might be boring to most, but I really enjoy the occasional photograph uncluttered with human faces. Hard to believe these scenes were at the end of December! Posted by Picasa


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Lake Edge

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Look who I stumbled upon!

When Matt was a boy, he hauled these stones and rebuilt the stonewall from the old homestead. It is special to us all-even his little girl, who occasionally gets to walk upon it. Posted by Picasa

Quick Shot

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* *

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* * *

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The only time I get my picture taken is when I am the one taking it. It sort of stinks that I am the 'picture taker' and Matt is less interested in taking pictures. That means the only pictures I am in are when I am all alone-or cuddling a sicky child. Oh well. I am not photogenic anyway-so maybe it is a good thing! Posted by Picasa


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