What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm the Grinch. No, I'm not. Yes...I am.

Well, back I am from my nightmarish shopping excursion. And empty handed no less. I am the world’s biggest cheapskate.


I am.

I was in Target looking at all the WONDERFUL toys that my children would love to share their room with and then I looked at the prices. Can one REALLY spend THAT much on toys?!?!

Here is the pivotal (or maybe pitiful) thing. Last year, shortly after Christmas, (do you remember exactly when Elizabeth?) my sister and I visited Target (due only to my ridiculous obsessions with nachos drowning in cheese) discovered that all the excess toys from Santa’s workshop were 75-80% off! Yes-that is right. I am ruined for life.

Now, when I see those same wonderful toys-I remember what they cost AFTER Christmas and I can’t bring myself to throw away money just for the sake of opening presents on Christmas day. The way I see it, the grandparents will be getting the children gifts that will be opened on or close to Christmas, so why must I buy things NOW when we could technically, open presents as a family the next week? Really-it is like extending the fun. Right?! Am I pathetic? I think I am. But, I still think we will be celebrating Christmas a week late this year.

I am NOT kidding.

PS-If I am a grinch, then why am I so blasted HAPPY that we received our first Christmas card today?!?!

Now-it is off to struggle through writing a Christmas card insert explaining the many changes that have taken place this year and approaching it WITHOUT sounding like a gypsy (at best) or an idiot (at worst.) Wish me luck.

Cards and cookies

But a minute to type but I can't post pictures without a SMALL word. Can I? :-)

I am going CHILD FREE for the night, as I have a meeting to plan and organize a cookie exchange with some women from church. Can you believe it? After that, I will not miss a once in a lifetime (or close) opportunity to go shopping without a certain little Miss stealing glimpes of Christmas surprises. It is nice, too, that I have a little Panda whose belly can be made full with goodies besides mama's milk now that he eats real food.

On that note: Panda bears in the wild eat all day long and don't stop. And my little Panda is living up to his name. When he starts eating things that are NOT ground in the foodmill-he is going to eat us out of house and home!!! He despises baby food-smart little guy. Who would want boring puree when you can have foods melded with spices-not to mention textured? The foodmill sure is getting a workout! He just seems to be growing up and getting so big these last few weeks! I see my baby disappearing~and while it IS exciting, it is also sort of sad.

Speaking of Panda's, I hear a bit of roaring going on upstairs. Must be off...

It looked taller here....

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Tisk Tisk

This year, out of desperation, we went 'corporate' on our tree purchasing. Instead of the $10.00 trees from a tree farm in Candor, we had to go to Lowes: a 'tree farm' inside glass-with trees that are already lit and will never die. OR Magnificent REAL trees that cost a fortune.

No wonder Matt got a small and squat one-that is all we could afford!

Don't worry, this time next year we should know the ins and outs of cheap and country trees. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Light Tradition

Every year as we set up the Christmas tree, I take a picture like this. I love the way they look-and now that I have done it for three years, it is fun to see how Corynn has changed each Christmas.

By the way: Abby, tell your mom please, that the Christmas dress I purchased from her last year fits Corynn another year (a little trick I learned about buying BIG! hehehe) and that I think of her everytime she wears it (which is often because it is a favorite-for both of us.) Posted by Picasa

The first of many for this little guy.

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Fire breathing Dragon

Disclaimer: Yes, I am well aware that babies are not to play with electrical cords-OR eat lightbulbs. The dark spot at the bottom is my hand-preventing anything disasterous from happening. Believe me, this fire eating dragon is only doing so under intense parental supervision. Posted by Picasa

Redundant, I know

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Getting in on the action

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Grandma's turn

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Elfin glee

Who knew a mall could house a train? And that such a train could transport you right into the North Pole where two story high Christmas trees magically appear and monstrous bears are still friendly. Tis true...just ask Little Miss who extra-specially rode on it (and hoards three more tickets for future rides!) Posted by Picasa


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Nail-clipping party. Such fun.

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So Dramatic she is

I won't have her knowing it-but that lip nearly does me in... Posted by Picasa

Good form, dear girl

The 'ear muffins', mittens and snowboots imply that the weather was frigid when in fact, it was over 60 degrees this day. If you look closely, you see the poor victim of her sword...a poor innocent ballerina. Shameful. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Early birds

Now that company has left to return home, I have a minute to update. It's funny-even when the most low-key company comes, by the time they leave, I still need to relax. Just my nature I suppose. Linda was super easy though-would you believe she even brought SUPPER for the first night that she was here? And no-it wasn't pizza. It was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, rolls and ice cream for dessert! Amazing.

While Linda (my MIL) was here, I tried to keep us busy all the time so that she wouldn't be bored. SOOOO~ I came up with the brilliant idea to get our Christmas tree. This is the earliest we have ever put up our tree so I am pretty sure by the time Christmas is over it may just be naked branches. At least this year we are prepared-we got a tree bag and actually USED IT! (We have had one since we have been married but then forgot to use it-and then every year after, we have forgotten about it and bought another one...sheesh.)

There wasn't enough room in the car for me to go help pick out the tree, so I stayed home and prepped the room; moving furniture around, unpacking the Christmas boxes, and getting supper on. You can tell I wasn't there though-because Matt could use some help in the tree picking department. In our cathedral ceiling living room stands a short and stubby six-foot tree. hehehe. I try to only look at it when I am sitting down, otherwise I will be staring down the angel! :-) I am so thankful FOR it though and I keep reminding myself that just a few days ago I didn't think we would have one this year at all.

So-again, there is much to be thankful for. Which seems (to me) to be a running theme from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Soon after Thanksgiving is over, Christmas moves in and with it-our lives become more brilliant with shimmer, glitter and shine EVERYWHERE. Candy everywhere. Gifts everywhere. Jolly people everywhere. Smiles everywhere. The fact that our homes are decorated is something to be thankful for (for decorations-even homemade-cost money. The fact that we HAVE homes. The fact that we can sip hot cocoa and listen to music. The fact that there might be a few gifts under the tree. And I often here of people who are in need on the radio (or know them) and that should make us even more conscious of our many blessings.

Yes, it is a good time of year for everyone-but how much MORE magical it is for believers. I mean-what more 'magical' miraculous event can be celebrated than a Child being born to a virgin. That alone is a miracle. Then add to that the perfectness of such a child and the willingness to take upon himself our sins. To perfect an imperfect heart, to wash away a heart blackened with sin. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.

I have run out of time after this typing tangent but there are pictures aplenty heading Renaissances' way when tomorrow comes. And for some hints to the future glimpes: Christmas trees, gigundo bears, jousting, trains and nailclipping. How's that for a combination?

Until then...

Someone is not feeling well, so kisses...

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and snuggles

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have been on the agenda today.

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and lots of 'em.

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Small break for Mama

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He's beginning to feel better...

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Questions Answered

Here is a further explanation of the newest news in the Newman house and an update. I have but a few minutes to be on here because any minute now my MIL Linda will be arriving for a surprise (surprise meaning just found out about it last night) visit for a few days. Given no time to dally, I will get right to it and be very newsy about it all.

The new job that Matt got is actually 4 miles away from the house-about 7 minutes away-and closer to church at that. So, we will be staying in the area and for that I am so thankful. For so many reasons. But because the house that we are living in comes with the OTHER farm, we will still need to move.

Most graciously, the Lord has given us a few months here as Ed has offered to let us stay in this house over the winter. So, PRAISE GOD! We will not be moving before Christmas. This will allow us a few months to save up, find and possibly (hopefully) purchase a home without having to move into a go-between apartment. Of course, this is all contigent upon Matt liking this work-and I can only pray that he does. We have looked at a few homes but nothing is in our price range that isn't right next to train tracks or river byflow or whatever it is called. But, now at least we are afforded more time-and the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree!

His last day at work here is December 9th and he will begin his new job shortly after that. So-at that time we will know more. I THINK that answers all the questions...

PS. For Baby Amelia~ The buntings I made are really sized 0-9 months and will fit a baby who wears up to 6/9 month clothing. But-that is snug. So...a seven month old little one would probably fit if she is SMALL but might not fit for very long. It is really a gamble. If you are interested let me know and I will post some pictures of the fleece patterns and such. Sorry it took so long to answer you!

PPS~ The hunter I spoke about in my helicopter posts is going to be alright. A few broken bones-but no gunshot wound, which is what I feared for.

Friday, November 24, 2006

You don't often see this in your front yard...

But I heard the whipping of wind and saw a storm of leaves rise up and rushed outside to see a helicopter in our yard. I rushed in to grab the camera and to wake the sleeping Rynnie Roo. I have never seen a helicopter in use THIS close before, nor have a felt the rush of wind whip my hair as its propellers beat faster and faster. But my enthusiasm was maimed knowing that such an experience only happens when someone is in dire need. Apparently, a hunter fell from a tree and is in pretty bad shape. I can only think of his family, the day after Thanksgiving, dealing with an accident that might become tragic. My prayers are lifted up for this man and his family. Posted by Picasa

take off

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And since I am already on...

You might remember these two...

(By the way, I will respond on Monday to the many questions recently asked. I have spent so much time on the computer as it is...)
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