What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Happy Spring

It's the first day of SPRING.  

I didn't get every single thing checked off my Old Man Winter list- but just three shy of doing so, ain't bad.  

I really had to push myself to do these tasks- it wasn't something I wanted to do- but I have to say, having checked some of these long neglected chores off the list has made me much happier.  (AFTER they were done, mind you.)   

My life had gotten pretty frayed around the edges and I didn't realize just how much until I started forcing myself to look closely.    The grime was real, my friends.

But, as I knew it would- much of the work that I have done has already been undone.  The dust continues to settle, the toys become unorganized, lincoln logs roll under couches, mail gets tossed on top of the fridge, and those drawers with all the utensils facing the proper way? Yeah, that stopped being a thing the very next dishwasher load.  

Life never stays tidy.  Not when you are truly living.  

Finding the balance of taking dominion of my domain while also embracing Proverbs 14:4 eludes me most days.   But it is a necessary paradox.  

I'd rather have a whole disorderly house full of joy and chaos and dust-bunnies (and INCREASE and STRENGTH!!) than a disordered house full of bad attitudes and grumps about the chaos and mess. 

It's pretty clear the Lord would too.

A few observations I've made recently:

~ Perhaps canned dill pickles from 2015 are something worth dumping.  Yes, even if the seal is still good.

~ I'm not certain but I may be a recovering cotton yarn addict.  I haven't bought any in a long time. (years?) But I still had two HUGE baskets worth at the end of sorting my yarn this past month.  (That's it.  EVERYONE is getting a dishcloth for Christmas this year.  THE END.)

~ I discovered THREE overdue library books that I had to pay replacement fees a few months back for... and I DIDN'T find one book that is currently racking up those charges again. (Woe!  WOE!)

 ~ I picked out the dusty A Year In Provence that has been patiently sitting on my bookshelves for year, awaiting its' time to shine... and shine, it does. After a lot of heavy reads lately, this was just what I needed.  Peter Mayle is such a good storyteller.  A bit foreign, a bit foody, a bit memoir, a lot hilarious.  It scratches all my itches.  How many more happy moments are awaiting me on my shelves?!

~ I recently picked out Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell (from said bookshelves) and was thoroughly underwhelmed.  Which led me to wonder... how many more unwhelming books are using up valuable real estate on our bookshelves?

~ If you sneak Things-Which-Nobody-Cares-About into a donation bag, you had better do it in a BLACK garbage bag because if it is seen, it will immediately become The-Most-Important-Treasure-One-Can't-Live-Without.  This is true of little children AND husbands.

~ I began a crochet project... which I haven't done in forever.  I started a baby bonnet to give to one of the many new babies coming into the world.  I did this knowing that it was dumb... because who will want a yarn baby bonnet in the summer?  (I have no illusions that I would finish it before then.) But also- baby yarn bonnets are darling.  And it will use up the rest of the yarn I had used to make a matching one for little baby Moses.  And... baby bonnets.  And... babies.  And.... waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

~ Homemade sourdough crackers are delicious.

~ Hard relationships are hard.  But God is merciful and gracious and kind to those who persevere.

~ Moses makes the cutest four year old doodles ever.

~ If you wait for months for the perfect time to make soap, just as you reach the critical moment of emulsifying fats and lye, you positively WILL get distracted with More Important Things...   

~ Judah makes the best reading nests ever.

~ The smell of lilies in March might be the best smell in the world.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Well Read

I was tucking Moses into bed the other night, I couldn't help but smile when I saw the books he had chosen to read during rest time.

What an erudite fellow.

Saturday, March 09, 2024

It pays to clean

Still working my way through the spring-cleaning list... slowly, but surely. 

And making cheese.  Which is, in a way, cleaning out the fridge.  Sort of.

This past week I was particularly proud because I cleaned out from under our bed.  

This is not a thing I do.  

Monsters live down there and I don't want to cross them. 

And a whole host of things that will make me sneeze.  

So, of course, I avoid it like the plague.

But this week, I decided the time had come... and now under the bed looks like this:

(I should mention I have more than two pairs of shoes. But if you saw my shoes, you would NOT see that I mopped the wood that was LITERALLY furry 10 minutes previous.)

And just like when you give a Mouse a Cookie, it inevitably leads to something else... 

I wound up tackling the rest of the room too.

For over a year I have not seen the surface of this vanity.  (Don't judge.)

 While cleaning the under-the-bed Inferno, I found that the dust bunnies were hoarding a portrait of me someone had made me in college.  I had entirely forgotten about this moment in history.  

They got my nose all wrong. 

In fact, I appear quite Barbie-ish in this portrait (which I assure you was never an accurate representation.)  

Nevertheless, it is a sweet memory that was once lost and then was found.  

I plunked it in a frame and it makes me smile.  (Even though now I am even less Barbie-ish than I was back then!)

In cleaning up the rotting fruit bowl, I decided to make banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow and Ina Garten's no-sugar, no-flour oatmeal raisin cookies this morning.  The cookies were an experiment.

If YOU are ever tempted to try no-sugar, no-flour cookies (even if they are from Ina Garten), I am gonna stop you right there.  

Just don't do it. 

 You're welcome.