What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, January 27, 2020

These are a few of her favorite things (and she is one of mine)

Continuing on with my outdated, unblogged photo...and speaking of birthday girls...

Corynn turned sweet 16 back when the grass was still green and feet were still bare.  We don't really 'do' birthday parties for the children, opting instead for a themed party that the whole family can enjoy each summer.   

I make exception for a sweet 16th though.

Because of a series of events that were sandwiched in and around those few days (a barn dance, sleepover, hosting a church gathering, etc.), we decided four days before that Saturday would be the best time to do it.

I had hopes of making it a lot more lavish than it was, but Corynn assured me that as long as her dearest friends were there and there were outdoor games to play, she'd be delighted with any party at all.  

I tried to include some of her favorite things- like neon green, flowers and disguises.  Her art was the invitation and the favors were one of her most favorite art supplies, water brushes. I made stir fry and apple crisp (her birthday feast requests) for a crowd.  And of course, there were games.  

It was VERY low key.  I wish I could have devoted more time to make it extra special for her.  But her favorite people were there and people are always much more important than details.  

Ack!  Look at little scrawny month-old Moses!

Millie forced her to play the guitar in front of everyone!  But sometimes it is really the best kind of friend that forces you to do hard things.  

Well done, Corynn!  (And well done, Millie!)

Human Pinata Boys.  Because a party full of girls just calls for a few boys to tackle, if you ask me.

Look at that hair!  Unlike Jo, it isn't her 'one beauty'.  But it certainly is one of them!
This girl loves me so much she let me make her a flower crown!  And then let me take pictures of her in it!

She'll have a few extra jewels in her heavenly crown for doing it too.

For a special gift for her, I secretly mailed pre-stamped, pre-addressed postcards to the many godly women in her life asking them to mail her advice, bible verses, book recommendations or tidbits of wisdom that will help and encourage her as she grows and matures into womanhood. 

I wish everyone could have seen how excited she was to receive them!  (Thank you, my friends, to those of you who mailed her some love!)  It was one of the greatest gifts she could have gotten.  (And we have very wise friends!)

Corynn, you are so lovely, in so many wonderful ways.  You give your Papa and I such joy.  

And I don't want to let you go.

So I won't.  

So there.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Another Girl Grows Up

I've been unable to keep up with life in general for the past several months and so naturally, posting photos on the blog has been neglected as well.  

Allow me the pleasure of getting some out-dated pictures up for posterity, would you?  It might look a little strange here for a bit...I can't guarantee summer pictures won't pop up in the next few days.  But it must be done.  Since I am already on a birthday kick and since All The Sisters have birthday photos languishing in a dusty corner... 

Next up:  Adele!

A few days shy of Thanksgiving, our little Bunkin turned 11.  Because I have been a blogging slacker,  I remember very little of the day.  

I remember trying to figure out WHAT I could make different from the same old, same old birthday cake request of white cake and peanut butter frosting.  There are only so many pretty cakes you can make with BROWN frosting.

And Adele' is my little LADY- she needed to have a PRETTY cake.

(Ineke pining for the meringue mushrooms.  Or the fairy.  But given how many mushrooms she ate later that evening, I'm thinking it's probably the mushrooms.)

I think I succeeded because when it was time to blow out the candles, Adele' just kept staring and staring at it with a smile on her face. 

Ineke is wondering here why she won't just blow the candles out already!  She needs some meringue mushrooms to nibble!

Birthday fail: I had no birthday candles in the cupboard.

Birthday score!:  She was 11 so two candles made the appropriate number anyway.

I took Ineke to the dollar store to pick something out for Adele's birthday. I love watching the children give and receive gifts from siblings.  It is one of my favorite things.  There is just something so glorious about it.  So high, so holy.

Oh Adele'.  You are a quiet wonder.  

And we love you so.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Birthday Miracles (Ineke Turns 4)

Ineke was sure that she would turn four "when the snow comes" so she has thought it was her birthday every time it snowed.

The first snow was in October.

But eventually, it actually *was* her birthday...just a few days before Christmas.

Being four is a pretty special birthday because the minute she turned four, her hair was long enough to do in braids.

(A birthday miracle?)

Her birthday was on a Sunday which means the morning was full of the hustle and bustle of  getting ready for church.  Time slowed for just long enough for everyone to gather and watch as she opened sister gifts.  Considering our Sunday mornings- that could definitely be considered a miracle.

A few weeks before her birthday, I asked Ineke what she might really, really like for her birthday.

I was expecting something girlie or pretty or mermaidy or unicorny since that seems to be how she rolls these days.  Instead, with those happy little mischevious eyes she looked at me, grinning, and said "I'd want Papa to shave his beard and mustache!"

I couldn't believe my ears.  I said something like "Well.  That is something you will have to tell PAPA about!"  She did.

On her birthday morning, I couldn't believe my EYES- the bearded man was beardless!

That would be miracle #3... and if it isn't a miracle, I wish I had as much clout as my girl!

Ineke's requested birthday meal was tuna fish sandwiches and chicken bbq dip with chips.  That sounded like a pathetic birthday meal so I splurged and bought too-expensive croissants and spent half an evening hotgluing a bunch of ribbons to toothpicks to make things fancy for her.

When Ineke was a three day old baby, Matt gave her a little hard plastic polar bear for her Christmas present.  He gave me the Mama polar bear.  I cried at the sweetness of it.  Ineke discovered, this summer, that her baby polar bear was gone.

He miraculously returned for her birthday this year though...which made her exceedingly happy.  

I included lots of meringue cookies because I learned from Adele's birthday cake (way back in November- and no, I haven't blogged it yet) that meringue cookies tops Ineke's list of favorite things to eat.  

And just wait until you see the last of the birthday miracles...

Ever since I first saw this in the Magic Cabin catalog (back when Adele' was a baby so...10 years ago give or take), I wanted to have it for my children.  AND myself.

Spending $300 on a toy is out of the question for us so I knew if the gnomes and fairies were ever to get a home in these parts, it would be by the hands of my handy husband.  But birthdays would pass, Christmases would pass, children were growing up... and I knew that if it were ever to actually happen, it would need to happen quickly.

There are no guarantees that more children will come along, after all.   And these children are growing up at lightening speed. I brought it up again this year, as I do every year, and this time out of desperation, I wondered aloud if Matt's Dad might be willing to make it for me since Matt is always so busy.


That seemed to be the ticket!  Matt dove right in one Saturday and by the evening, it was done.  (Matt wasn't totally opposed to his Dad working on it- he helped out quite a bit too.)

When Matt brought it in, it took my breath away.  It still does, every time I look at it.    He even made some wooden furniture to go with it!  I made some furniture, a stove, some food and plenty of peg people to play with.  The total project cost under $6.00 because we had EVERYTHING on hand already except the battery operated tea light candles, some green fiber and a little metal pail. 

I am not sure how we will ever top this birthday.  She was spoiled for sure.  But we have been spoiled aplenty with this spunky and sweet creature and our gift giving pales in comparison to His gift to us... the gift of our Tiddle.