What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I can't believe I left it out. How COULD I?

I forgot to share with you my Easter bulb from Mattie!! This year he got me an Easter Lily (making years that I HAVE received an Easter bulb greater than years I didn't-WA HOO! The odds are in my favor again!)

This lily, though, was a HUGE pot with several plants. It is positively BRIMMING with buds so I have a feeling this beauty will be around for a while. I wish you could smell them.

It sits on the banister between the hall and the entryway so its sweet nectar delights my senses every time I walk by-which is hundreds of times a day!

And while I am sharing such important and crucial information that somehow was forgotten about...I must tell you, Andrew says Mama like a pro now. In fact, it wakes me up nearly every morning. It all started after he got his birthday presents...that rubber snake must have really affected him.


I am preparing for a week long trip away, starting this weekend and ending the following. A week away for the children and I to head to NY visiting with family and friends and helping my Mom ring in the next fifty years of her life, while poor Mattie works slavishly back at home all by his lonesome.

I hate being away from him. So much. Nights are the worst. He is the most wonderfully warm, comfortable and deliciously smelling man there ever was. And I mold into his shape perfectly as we fall asleep holding one another. Nearly five years later and we STILL hold each other. That is a nice feeling. I will miss it. And for a week, despite a comfortable bed and warm blankets, I will not sleep soundly. But- I won't think of that right now. No. I will try and soak him up as much as I can this week and store it away for next. I will probably even pack a shirt or two to wear. Pathetic, huh?

Our week long adventure will include going to the zoo, a trip to the Science and Discovery Center, fishing at the lake (and MAYBE a kayak ride!), shopping, visiting, a birthday celebration, and good old fashioned QUALITY TIME. It should be fun. But as with all fun and as with ALL trips, preparations are needed. And trip preparations are A LOT OF WORK (as you understand Mrs. Bibby!) so this week is jam-packed full of WORK for me.

I have been working hard to catch up on laundry-so that I will have clean clothes when it is time to pack. And I want to leave the house in a fairly clean state which will be taking a bit of work. It would be nice to have a few meals planned for Mattie in my absence as well (though I can tell you, the last time I was gone for a week the freezer was STOCKED brimful with meals and Matt ate cereal the whole week...no-you will NOT live that down Mattie!) And oh-the lists have already started. THINGS TO BRING, DON'T FORGET, THINGS TO GET DONE BEFORE I LEAVE, THINGS TO DO THERE, MEALS TO MAKE, etc. etc. etc. Me and my lists.

So much to do-so little time, so I must scat. Enjoy the day!
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Mrs. B. said...

I do understand the work, but it is so worth it. I have been using my leftovers and making TV dinners for Mr. B. and Bobby for while I am in New York. They should be all set. Mr. B. is going to work from home and care for Bobby. It is a wonderful relief to not have to make arrangements for him. And then I have been working on something for your mom. I can't say what it is because I understand she now knows how to read your blog. You will all have to just wait and see it. :-) See you soon. Tell Matt I will miss seeing him.

Julieann said...

I had to giggle at your husband eating the cereal:) My husband would not eat cereal--BUT, he would sure eat a lot of takeout..LOL. Your Easter lilly is so pretty--and it sounds like you have everything under control, enjoy your trip--and happy Birthday to your Mom:)


Anonymous said...

Your lily is gorgeous! I love the smell also. It's a heart warming smell to me. Just on a side note, my Mother in law is a florist & she said if you remove the orange thingys ( I believe that is the technical name for them...ha! )that are attached to the stamens(not sure if that is the right name for them) the flowers will last longer. Just tho't you might want to know, since you treasure them so much...like I do! =)
Have a wonderful & safe trip!
Victoria =)

Kelli said...

Oh, I am laughing about the cereal, Rebecca! Phillip just ate a bowl of Life! LOL He wouldn't mind eating it for a week!
Gorgeous lilies, I'll bet they smell wonderful!

smilnsigh said...

Oh I'm so happy that your Mattie gave you a lovely Easter Lily pot of plants. I can just feel how wonderful, this made _you_ feel. And makes you feel, each and every time you pass by and smell its wonderful fragrance.

Hope you get all your preparation lists completed, smoothly and with dispatch. And have a lovely time on your trip.


Abigail said...

Thank Matt for all of us blogpeople who are enjoying them vicariously.

And can we see you?!?!? I don't want to be pushy, of course, but if you've got a spare moment somewhere in your jam-packed week, know that you're always welcome. (John's folks are visiting from Saturday evening through Tuesday morning, but apart from that, I'll just be sitting on my duff and twiddling my thumbs).

Rebecca said...

Abby~hmmmm. Didn't a post a comment onyour blog about it? Maybe it didn't go through. Thats funny because I kept checking that post on your blog and you responded to one thing but not the visit thing so I thought that was your way of politely saying "I have had ENOUGH of the Newmans. Leave us BE!" I never thought to check to make sure the comment went through...

I was hoping perhaps we *might* stop for a visit on Friday...the one before we leave? Whatever time of day...just let me know.

Rebecca said...

But I should mention, if the weather is nice and the timing just right, we could have a picnic at that park you always head to?

Abigail said...

I didn't see a comment about a visit!!! Believe me? :)

I still can't find it, so I'll respond here. Yes, please come, and, yes, if nice weather has arrived again, parkward, ho! Snow fell last night, though, so keep your fingers crossed for that last part...

Carmichael Family said...

YAY ANDREW! I'm sure the snake was just the incentive he needed. :) (By the way, Kaden didn't start saying Mama till he was about a year either; he is a month older than Andrew).
Your lilies are beautiful! I'm glad you remembered to post them after all. ;)
Best wishes on your trip to New York and all your packing and such. I've never spent more than a couple days once or twice away from Edward in the time we've been married, but I'm sure being around family will help. Have a wonderful time!

Rebecca said...

I checked again too, Abby. It mustn't have gone through. Yay-I visit! That will be grand. Just name the time-how is 10 or 10:30 sound? Let me know!

Thanks Catherine. I will be a BIG bawl baby when he leaves. I hate being away from him too-it is torture. But, my trip is jam packed full of distractions and we just got two pay as you go cellphones so we can chat it up as long as we want! ;-)

Abigail said...

Sounds good!

We can fine tune things later if need be.