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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Munchkin Saga or A Tale of Four Arches

There is no place like home. There is NO place like home. I'm not gonna argue, Dorothy.
Have you seen that McDonalds has Madame Alexander's Wizard of Oz dolls for happy meal toys? I have and I have made it my very own quest to get each and every one of those dolls. Why, you ask?

Well, it just so happens that we have JUST (meaning THIS WEEK) finished reading Corynn's fourth chapter book-coincidentally...The Wizard of Oz. Perfect timing, I know. It is SO perfect-to have each of these dolls would be the perfect opportunity to act out the book. And so-my mission began.

Only today, after far too many nuggets have clogged our arteries, did a nice woman turn to me (no doubt aghast at my oddly nugget-looking face) and mention that you can buy JUST the dolls and not the happy meal. Argh! All that...GREASE.

Well, after hearing this-I took the easy route. We needed only TWO more, the Lion and the Wicked Witch. I figured-"Oh-I will just BUY them." WELL. Easier said than done.

The first Mcdonalds store was out. The second was out but directed me to another Mc Donalds which was also out. FOUR STORES-all completely OUT of the Lion and the Green Wicked Witch. Can you believe it???
We have all the others-but no story is complete without a wicked witch. And to lack the wonderfully lovable cowardly lion? What a shame that would be!

So I ask. Beg. barter. PLEAD....with all of my friends out there who occasionally visit a McDonalds and feel compassion at my plight. If any of you out there have EXTRAS of those two dolls and are feeling generous, or if you go to McDonalds often and wouldn't mind asking if they have them available...Corynn (and I) would be SO pleased to get those two dolls. The lion and the Green (and MOST terrible of all) Wicked Witch of the West. The dolls WITHOUT the happy meal (inconveniently learned TOO LATE) cost $1.50. I would be more than happy to reimburse you-even for already played with duplicates and of course, for shipping.

If it helps , you can envision Corynn's big brown puppy eyes pleading at you. Or maybe her puffed out lower lip might help.

Does that help?!?!?!


Mandie said...

Yummmmm. Chicken nuggets! We don't usually go to McDonald's but I'll be on the lookout for you anyway!

Anonymous said...

That is classic! Oh...that pout...my heart strings are pulled! I will be on the look out here in Northern Ca.
Victoria =)

Julieann said...

Oh Dear!!! I sure hope you get all the dolls---if I come across them I will surely send them your way--I am not a big McDonald's goer, but I did go a little while ago to get the pretty pony, and ended up getting Dorothy, so when I am running my errands this weekend I will check the one by my house:) Tell your baby girl not to pout:)


Abigail said...

She looks so cute when she pouts that I'm tempted to sabotage your efforts so that she doesn't stop! I haven't been to Mc.D's in ages, but if I stumble across some unwanted ones in my travels, I'll snatch them up for you.

devildogwife said...

We'll keep an eye out. We go on Tuesdays as it's 99 cent Happy Meals around here. I can ask around too. I hate it when we can't complete the set. My daughter was like that with the My Little Ponys. She loves them...

Kelli said...

Oh, that picture of Corynn is so CUTE!! I never go to McDonalds but may be able to make a special trip. :0)


Liana said...

What a great post & an adorable picture of the pout-face!

Rebecca said...

Hopefully a lion and a witch will make its way into our home with all of you wonderful people on the look out. Oh-I do hope so!

Michelle said...

What a little actress! :) She reminds me of my boys. They can turn it on and off at will!

I would help, but I am afraid if our family sets foot in that establishment, we'll end up in the same predicament we're barely out of now!

I hope you find the needed dolls! :)

shekinahhvac said...

Heheheheh! I must admit, we made 4 trips to Mickey D's, 2 of my 4 had to have these. I gave in. Okay no the best bidget move. But they loved them regardless.

Love the lower lip picture, I had 2 of those last week.

Mrs. B. said...

I checked our McDonald's and they were out. They did say that a new shipment would be coming in a couple of weeks. I will check again before I leave for NY, buy they may not come in before I leave.

Kelli said...

REBECCA! We found a lion and wicked witch for sweet Corin!!!
Email me your address and I'll send them right out!
I fell in love with the dolls too and found a complete set for us this afternoon and it only took going to three Mcdonald's. Talk about luck!!! We read the book last year and are watching the movie right now.
Talk to you soon!