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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gulls and Gals

The last day of our vacation, Saturday, I woke up before the sun because I remembered that THIS would be the day I would see Mattie. After that thought found its way into my head, I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and prepared for the day. I remembered seeing a HUGE mess of gulls at the river and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get out and have some fun while the rest of the house was asleep. So I went and as I thought, the golden morning sun was as glorious as I had anticipated.


This was the only gull shot that came out halfway decent. And I took quite a few! ;-)

They were just too far away to do anything with if you didn't have a serious zoom or special lens. So I took pictures of the only other possible subjects...flowers and me.

Right before I left, this gull flew up and let me get surprisingly close before flying off. I was thankful to have gotten ONE keeper.

(Only ONE more set of vacation pictures! Next up will be of Mom's birthday party! I think after this, I will be more wordy and less picturey for a while. Especially given my dinosaur of a computer giving me timing issues...)

Have a wonderful day!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
This is Amy's daughter, Erin, from Picket Fence Cottage. To answer your question about the program I use to do 'selective coloring', I use PhotoImpression. It was already on our computer when we got it, but I've priced it since then to see about getting the program for the laptop. I found out that it's around $50.00, at least that's how much one of the newer versions costs! Definitely NOT buying one for the laptop at this time! ;)
However, it's the only photo program that I've been able to use for 'selective coloring'. I'm sure that there are others! :)
Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Erin, for that information! That was very kind of you.

Well, I guess my free version will have to do! ;-) It does have the capability for FOCAL black and white-meaning color can be kept in one particular spot but ONLY as a circle. I guess I will make due with that. :-)

you are a very skilled photographer!