What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, April 27, 2007

For the sake of the future me...

Yesterday was the start of my cleaning frenzy and after working on my own kitchen, I noticed Little Miss Corynn's kitchen was in a bit of disrepair.

This is her little kitchen 'Hoosier Cabinet'. I got it at a yard sale for $3.00 last year-it was terrible with markers and pen writing everywhere and horribly ripped (and UGLY!) contact paper all over it. I cleaned it up a bit and was going to paint it but I sort of like the darkwood! hehehe I save empty spice bottles, small grocery containers-ANTYHING pint sized, to add to her cupboards. She now can play grocery store OR kitchen very easily!>

It was naptime and so I decided I would just do it. When I got there-I couldn't believe what I saw! That little stinkpot was swiping MY kitchen supplies and apparently, using them as her own! She had quite a collection stashed in there-my kitchen scrub brush, an ice cube tray, an oven mitt, even a FULL bottle of spices! I can only laugh to think of how many times she has followed behind me picking up things I have put down!

Even a stash of dishtowels, wadded in the corner!

I especially liked the soup she had been making!

How's THAT for a show and tell?!?! hehehe

So many times I vaguely recall something cute that happened-but since I had never written the details down...they escaped my memory. Lots of Corynn's toddlerhood has been lost and probably Panda's babyhood too. The above incident will be filed in my memory under 'Fun to Recall'. Here are a few more memory worthy tidbits.

(Pretails: At our house, you must ask to be excused from the table after every meal.) Yesterday, Corynn asked to paint so we got all the supplies out I let her have at it at the table. Six pictures and forty minutes later, she asked "Mama, may I be excused?"

Yes, Corynn. You can be excused from COLORING! HAHAHA

(Pretails: Corynn has a very large vocabulary and has a rather grown-up demeanor about her, so on the very rare occasion that a word has more a baby pronunciation, my ears happily lap them up. Lest I forget, here is a double dose)

When we pack lunches for the store and she runs to get her backpack exclaiming "I've got my packpack!!", I always have to smile.

The other day though, was a REAL winner and made me chuckle aloud. She lined up smarties into a weavy form and called it a callapitter.

About a month ago, the weather was sunny and warm-a good change from the rain we had been having. We were riding in the car when I heard her say to Andrew, "Isn't today just SO gorgyfull?" She mixed together gorgeous and beautiful. That happened ONCE and she has since mastered both words. Although-I kinda liked gorgyfull.


Here is a proud Panda moment, so as not to leave him out.

Yesterday we were in the basement and he began crawling away from me. Every few 'steps' he would turn around, heartily wave and say "BAH!" I thought-WOW-he said BYE! That is great! That little bit would have made me quite happy. But then...

He reached the end of the room, turned around, and began crawling towards me. Every few 'steps' he stopped, waved, and said "HA!" Double wow. He knows the difference between HI and BYE! Good job Panda dear!

And since I am on a roll...here is a moment that I mustn't ever forget or take for granted. My biggest darling deserves a spot in my internet memory as well. It involves dishwasher powder.

I always buy the biggest containers of everything because they are most often the least expensive. I got so sick of hauling a huge box of dishwasher powder from under the sink (a place where recyclables overwhelm) every time I ran a load. I started keeping the box on the counter, but hated that because it was an eye-sore and made the kitchen appear haphazard and unkempt. So, I went to Target and got this nice big glass jar for $4.99 and filled it. Then I put a nice metal scoop in there-and VOILA. Problem solved. Here is where Mattie comes in.

He comes home from work, gets a drink from the kitchen and says. "HEY! What's THIS?" He inspects it and then turns to me and says "What a GREAT idea, Sugarbear. It's practical and elegant!"

I thanked him and then he took a shower. Then I thought. Wait a minute. What GUY would notice a small change like that, let alone five minutes after getting home? That alone was neat. The fact that he complimented me was over the top. He was enthusastic and encouraging to me, even in my small endeavors to make our home more lovely and efficient. Made me think...

I have got one SPECIAL guy!
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