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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not soon enough.

Thus concludes my slew of vacation pictage. Now that I have bored and apparently, LOST all my blog readers! After all- this was no vacation to a gorgeous white sand, turquise seas beach. Nor was it an exciting vacation to Disneyworld or Europe. Nope. Just a few hours away seeing the people we USED to see all the time. Kind of boring to everyone except family.

But-had to include them so that when my chillins grow up they can look back and see-HEY, we DID leave the house every now and again for a destination other than Walmart! :-)

I never thought I would say this, but I am kinda SICK of pictures right now. (Or at least for a day or two.)

For those faithful few who continue on, and especially those who have graciously commented on these rather mundane pictures, I thank you.


Mrs. B. said...

What a great shot! It shows her personality, so like her mama. :-)

Gena said...

I LOVE all of your pictures. My oldest daughter is a photography/art major in college, so I absolutely love looking at anyone's photos. Also, since I have 4 children of my own, pictures of children are especially important to me. I know how it is when they get older and want to see themselves when they were little. I even love looking at pictures of myself when I was young and trying to see each of my children in those photos.

I think your mom looks so happy! I know she loved having you there for her birthday. Also, how cute that your daughter strung those beads by herself. It was a lovely necklace.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I love seeing your pictures!! They are wonderful, and don't you dare stop posting them!

Paula said...

OK, just starting to catch up on your blog, but I had to say that THAT'S THE DRESS!!! That is the doll matching dress! I got that one!! I don't think it will fit my Moriah (we like dressees to be LONG and she is turning 4). You will HAVE to check back in a few weeks to see the birthdya party pictures! I got a GOETZ doll (reg $120) for $30 bucks at Tuesday Morning!!!! She will wear the dress for the party and then get her doll at the party (the party is in a BABY DOLL STOE (like build a bear, but it is adopt a baby). She will get to take her new baby for a stroll in the storller around the mall after the party, and all the girls will get to play with the baby dolls and storllers. The do well baby check ups and OH IT IS SO WONDERFUL!!! COME VISIT US REBECCA! You can bring your hubby!! LOL!!! :)

Kelli said...

I enjoyed all of your vacation pictures, Rebecca! That is what I love about blogging, getting a peek into the lives of my friends, that I never would have met in real life! Blogs about families are the best!

Els said...

I just love your pictures! I couldn't be there, but you make it come close! And lets face it, we can't comment on all your entries, would take hours... but thank you so much for posting them!!
Now that I read this, I want to call your mum straight away, but I think I'd better wait till it's a more decent time (10 here means 4 o'clock in the morning over at where you folks live!)
Enjoy the sunshine, give my love to your family!

Elizabeth said...

Such pretty pictures of Corynn! :)

Rebecca said...

Thank you everyone~that was just the boost I needed!

Gena~One of the reasons I take SO MANY pictures is because I don't have more than a handful of me when I was little. I know of only TWO baby pictures and I was so sad not having those pictures to look at growing up or to share with MY children. I vowed (when I was like 8 years old!!!) that I would NEVER do that to my children. And now-they drown! :-)

Ellie~did you know, if we ever have a baby girl-she will most likely bear your name? It is beautiful. Thanks for your playful encouragement. I almost saw you standing there pointing a finger and laughing! :-)

Paula~What is a Goetz doll? I have never heard of them...but I would like to! You better post your layouts of that birthday party! That sounds like SUCH fun! :-)

Els~You were there in spirit! Mom simply adored her special gifts! It was so thoughtful and kind of you to remember her on her special day!

devildogwife said...

These pictures are great!!