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Monday, October 27, 2008

Disguised Discovery

Friday night was Spooky Science at the Discovery Center. I love free events for kids. I love them even more when I can rationalize going to them because they are supposedly educational. I love them the BEST when you can enjoy them as you are---or as you'd like to be.

Tis the season for disguises. Halloween time is FULL of costuming and parading about as something other than you are...but for the Newman kids, this is one of their favorite activities THROUGHOUT the year. Certainly not limited to October.

Hence, the extremely large and protuding bin of costumes we have.
Hence, the children often found running around with dresses, masks, hats, high heels, and all manner of crazy garb in mid-January. Or July.
Hence, the availability of pretend clothes.

It was easy to come up with some spur-of-the-moment costumes in order to attend the event in style. It required only a trip to the daily-used costume bin.

(PS. A great way to stock costume bins for dress-up play, dramatizations, etc. is to go shopping AFTER Halloween. I usually buy several new ones each year when the costumes go 90% off. Jo Ann Fabrics is often where I find the "nice" ones!)

A lion and a princess. A "REGAL" princess, since that is a new vocab word for Little Miss.

Apparently, Andrew is not just ANY lion-but the great Aslan. Or so I've been told.

And another costume---I couldn't pass this one up. VERY "Ithaca", if you ask me!

Love it.

For actual Halloween, we won't be going to quite the lengths of last year's Handmade Raggedy Anne and Andy but some sortof-handmade costumes are still in order. Costume of choice-and matching-per childrens' request: Owls

Never been trick or treating before--usually we just parade around town for fun. Still don't know what is in store for that night, nor do I know when I will squeeze the mask making into this week. Regardless, I can't wait to see my Owlets fluttering about! :-)
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