What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I don't recall the last time I missed posting on a Monday. It has been a long while, for sure. In fact, I am surprised I am posting today. I am wrapped up, front and back with hot corn bags and biding my time until my medicine kicks in...it should be soon, right?!?

Two days ago, I was getting sharp pains in my abdomen, localized on my right side. The next morning, yesterday, I woke up hardly able to walk and able to think of nothing other than the pain I was having. Matt came home early yesterday and took me to the hospital where I waited for two hours for the doctors to send me away with a paper saying get rest and take tylenol. I had an extremely high temperature and an ovarian cyst-both of which would resolve themselves with ibuprofen and rest. Constant heat compresses on the outside and hot tea on the inside are my own prescription.

Matt is a bit perturbed with the doctors for sending me away with such a high temperature. He wants me to go back but I have begged him to let me wait it out. If the emergency room doctor says it will resolve itself, than probably another doctor will say the same thing. My temperature broke last night (or more accurately, early this morning...) so, I will wait and pray that I feel better soon, to avoid ANOTHER doctor visit (since the ONLY time, it seems, I go to the doctor is when I pregnant!)

I was concerned with the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy or an appendicitis, both of which were ruled out. Praise God for His GOODNESS.

So-I suppose when it rains, it pours-only THIS time, it is I who is caught without an umbrella. :-)


For fear of this post being dreary and discouraging...(goodness me, I don't want to sound like a hypochodriac!) there are good things to announce too. The first and most important...

Andrew is on the mend and is nearly himself again! Such a RELIEF it is to see him NORMAL again. I will slowly re-introduce dairy products in a few weeks, after he is completely off of his medication to see if there might have been a problem with those things. In the meantime, I am ENJOYING his diaper changes, looking forward to fetching him from bed, and am being made content to see his belly working in a more normal fashion!

The other is much more superficial but praiseworthy, nonetheless.

I am not one that easily lays about all day-most often I need to be doing SOMETHING. So, when I am incapable of leaving my shell of a bed, it doesn't take long for me to be driven to insanity. My children and husband would not do well with an insane woman about, so I began to start another project. A *BIG* project. A CHRISTMAS of 2007 project. Yes. I am allotting myself an ENTIRE year to finish it, and will no doubt need it!

I have lots of projects in the works, now...I need to STOP adding to my list and start to FINISH them off but this is the LAST exception!!! ;-)

Truly, I am excited about this. I adapted a 7inch square pattern from my afghan sampler into an actual afghan-big enough for a double bed!!! I am making it for Matt for Christmas (I told him about it since I will OBVIOUSLY not be able to hide working on it!) and I am very excited about it. It is made of a lovely, extremely soft, yarn colored in muted blue. Below is a small picture of the pattern which repeats itself. This is my first time 'creating' a project without a pattern, so I am proud of myself and I completed four rows of it yesterday. Just another six feet to go!!!! hehehe

My crochet projects in the works are...a poncho for Corynn, my afghan sampler, Matt's afghan, and any small crochet projects I can get my hands on. I am thinking...maybe FINGER puppets?!?

The two biggest projects, the afghans, I am giving myself PLENTY of time for which is good...BUT, on the other hand, I like to see the FRUITS of my labor. I like to see COMPLETION and I love instant gratification...which is why I need smallish projects every now and again.


Today I am going to be resting, and am going to try my very best to overlook the mountains of laundry and the pages of newspaper that Andrew has strewn throughout the house. I am going to rest...and maybe crochet. ;-)


Christine said...

I am so sorry that you went through so much. I hope you will feel 100% very soon! Blessings!

Kelli said...

Oh, Rebecca, it sounds like you were in alot of pain! I will pray your medicine kicks in quickly. In the meantime, an afternoon of crocheting sounds wonderful! I love the blue wool you chose...so pretty! I'm also glad to hear Andrew is feeling better!

Mandie said...

Oh Rebecca! I wish I could bring you a meal! I hope you feel better very very soon. I know how hard it is to lie down when you have 2 little ones running around!

Alexis said...

Dear Rebecca,
Prayers and well wishes are coming your way for a speedy recovery! I hope you are feeling better today, and will definitely continue to keep you in my prayers. I'm so glad to hear that little Andrew is doing better. What a relief that must be! God's richest blessings,

smilnsigh said...

Oh I'm so glad you went and had it diagnosed. And so hope you are feeling much better, soooon. Until then, don't worry about any of those pesky daily tasks. You need to rest and get back to 'being you.' For the family, even more so, than for doing those pesky daily tasks.

And glad you can divert your mind with crocheting, while stuck in bed. :-)

Lots of TLC hugs being sent...


Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca, I'm glad to here your little fella is feeling better! My youngest has been dealing with yeast problems for the past few weeks to. Also after having just one small bottle of milk, and she's 15 months old!
I'm sorry your hurting so much right now. ((hugs)) I understand what your going through. I had an ovarian cysts that landed me in the hospital for a week and surgery about 6/7 years ago. While most of them do go a way on there own, if your having a lot of pain and sick from it PLEASE keep a close eye on it. I wish I had known what was wrong with me before I got as bad as I did...((hugs))