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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Granary Project: Upstairs!

My big summer project is done!

Cleaning out the Granary has been a big deal!  I knew it was going to be.  It has happened little by little, one floor at a time...but it is finally done!

It is the storage barn mostly since there is no other storage area available.  (You people with attics and basements- be thankful!) But Matt said if I got it cleaned out, I could do with it whatever I wanted...so you know, despite the storage, I had to add my own touch to it! 

Here is a recap of what the upper floor looked like when I began:

After bags and bags donated to Salvation Army, passing things along, tossing things in the garbage, burning things, selling stuff at a yard sale, consolidating and organizing... here it is today:

I had hoped to bring out a few bins of craft supplies to free up the cluttered office.  And then the rocking horse really should go because the bedrooms are too small and no one really uses it anymore.  And then, Corynn asked if I get the vanity out of her room because it takes up too much space (yep-small rooms!) and then I looked at my beautiful Matt-made cradle that hasn't rocked any babies in almost four years and thought "Why is this still in the house-reminding me it is empty?" so I brought that out too.  (I admit- there were tears.)

As I brought things out- it began to look almost...homey.

As it began to look homey, I began to become more excited about it.  I decided to go all out and hang curtains (that I bought at Salvation Army for a song a LONG time ago with intentions to put them up in the living room but never actually did) to hide the storage and make it actually, kinda pretty.

Everything up here was taken from around Hopestead...I didn't buy a thing.  Just moved things here and there.

The lights were the cherry on top of the whole thing and actually light- as opposed to when they were hanging by our picnic trees.

Some day I'd like to be able to move that dresser and trunk and get Matt to build me a railing by the stairs instead.

Some day SOONER I'd like to add a window to the stairs side and switch the window it has on the other side to one that opens- the only thing this place needs is some fresh air.

 That would make it just about perfect in my book.

Anyone up for a rustic Granary stay over?  


Bonnie said...

It looks fantastic! A fun playhouse/getaway!
And how on earth are our JB "twins" almost 4 already?

beth said...

oooh it's dreamy! love it.

Ulli said...

Great job! As usual, you're in inspiration!

Julian said...

i absolutetly love it!!!!!!!
great job! christina

Unknown said...

First of all...I feel your sadness, friend about the cradle. (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))
Second, SUCH A GREAT JOB!! It looks wonderful! Such a beautiful and useful space to relax. Hope you get your opening window and a lovely breeze!

Julian said...

Yes I wanted to add that too about the cradle. I lost my last baby and we aren't having anymore. It was nine years ago but it's getting better. My other kids are teenagers and a fifth grader. I sure miss holding a baby. A mother never forgets. I just try to hold the ones at church. You're not alone. ;)

Courtney said...

I love it! What a fun little place that will be to sneak away to.

Full of Grace said...

The Granary looks GORGEOUS!!! And Praying that there is a baby soon for you to fill that cradle..Love You and ps..Did what we talked about right after we got off of the phone before I chickened out and changed my mind. Hoping it helps..

Anne in the kitchen said...

That is just lovely! In fact ,though I have both an attic and basement, they are just not a charming as what you have carved out of your space. Wonder how lights would look hanging from duct work?

Rebecca said...

Amy~ thanks for that.

Christina~ such a sad story! My heart aches for you.

Elizabeth- I am so glad that you did. I am certain that it will be much more helpful than the alternative. I continue to pray fervently for that situation- you know that.

Anne- well, be thankful that you need only climb a set of stairs to get what you need instead of cross a road! There is that! :-)

cathie3914 said...

oh i LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on using what you have and making it yours! You did an awesome job.
I wish you many hours of joy in there