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Friday, May 04, 2007

Dutch tiles

I promised Mari-Nanci a LONG time ago, a reveal of my Dutch tiles, and FINALLY I get to it. Coincidentally, it is Friday and therefore, I participate, ANOTHER week in Show and Tell! ;-)

I have a very strong Dutch heritage and so anything Dutch is special to me. The only real 'collections' I have are Dutch tiles and Delpht things. This is the start of the Dutch tiles. My 'someday' kitchen will have these tiles bordering along the ceiling. To dream, I would say I would also have a sunroom-pale yellow walls, white wicker furniture; where I can display all my blue and white Delpht.

Each of these tiles are especially dear to me because each seem to represent this family and our love of the land and of the old ways. Each of these I have received as a gift from my Oma and Opa (grandparents) for Christmas or, as they call is St. Nickolas. I still remember the first one I got. It was the year I was to be wed. I remember thinking- 'My Oma and Opa finally view me as an adult because now I have been gifted a Dutch tile!"

The one with the Mother and girl at the cheese basin I got when Corynn was just a wee one, if you look closely the Father is right outside the door, milking the cow.

There is one of a man hauling milk by boat with the help of his wife (the first one I got) , one of a man making klompen (Dutch shoes-which Matt would LOVE to learn to do someday...), and the plate is of men working with a workhorse (creatures we hope to own one day!)

Anyway~that is my (quite small still) collection of Dutch tiles, so dear to my heart.
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Trella said...

They are beautiful. How neat, something to look forward to collecting and that has great meaning to you at the same time.

Kelli said...

The are beautiful, Rebecca! The scenes are so vivid it almost seems like you are right there with them! Your described my dream sunroom, I love white wicker!! Thank you for sharing your tiles with us!

Momma Roar said...

Very sweet!

Sharon said...

I love those tiles! Your dream room sounds perfect!

Mrs. B. said...

I have Dutch tiles in my kitchen. We put plain white tiles under the top cabinets to the counter top and then interspersed the Dutch ones in them. I love it. Why don't you come and see it?! You may like it instead. You can see them every time you are working on the counter. I love how each one tells a story. And I especially love the windmills.

Tracy said...

These are very pretty.

Barbara H. said...

Those are just beautiful and will make lovely decorations. They are all the more sweet because of the giver and the occasion of each of them.

LBP said...

Those tile are just gorgeous! What a great treasure.

Nan said...

Those are so pretty! I have no collectibles of any kind. LOL. Oh well... I know that it can be a hard habit to break so I'll just keep my toes out of the water! Hee hee!

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh how lovely. I have Dutch heritage so these really appeal to me. Thanks for showing them.

Mommy Dearest said...

Those are beautiful--what treasures! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

smilnsigh said...

Just lovely Rebecca!

And now Google is letting me say so! Meaning, the 'hissy-fit' Google had this afternoon, and locked me out!

I love your idea for you future kitchen and sunroom, too.

Thank you for sharing this picture of your lovely collection/


Els said...

Will remember you.....
I've got two more tiny blue ones, but will sent those to your mum.
I'm Dutch, but don't care for them, and I even dare to say so!
But I will look out for you.

Rebecca said...

GASP!!! DOuble GASP, Els!

Tisk Tisk! You are a brave one to admit it-Mom always says the Dutch say anything at all without remorse. :-)

Mom loved the little bitty tiles and I *believe* she was going to put magnets on the back for her refrigerator.

I am sure she will be pleased to get more. Mum's the word 'til then! :-)